Local action group manage to network different local stakeholders and to provide financial support for local agricultural producers and local municipalities
Local action group wants Gorski kotar to become a hub, which will unite the interests of the inhabitants of all 9 units of local self-government, through which Gorski kotar will jointly perform outside its borders in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and natural conditions considered to be extraordinary riches. A network LAG Gorski kotar is trying to approach the problem of this hidden mountain pearl called the Gorski kotar in a new and innovative way. By using Leader's rural development methodology, which has been successfully developed in the European Union for the past decades, it is trying to open a new and prospective development of the region.
The future prosperity is in the possibility of using funds from the Leader fund for rural development of the European Union. It is in principle about gathering different local stakeholders, ie their different but in essence the same wishes and aspirations for a better tomorrow. In this way, the LAG seeks to create a positive atmosphere of communication and cooperation, so that each stakeholder in the process has recognized the importance of his interest in creating a better future. Main stakeholders of network are non profit associations, entrepreneurs, local self-government units and private persons. LAG Gorski kotar now have office with permanent employees who manage network and coordinate activities at local level.

Resources needed

Financial resources for staff who running everyday business and projects
Budget for financing local community projects
Motivated stakeholders

Evidence of success

Created local development strategy for Gorski kotar region 2014-2020;
Invested 180.000 Eur in development of 12 projects of of small agricultural producers in area;
During 2020/21 - 8 small projects in 8 local municipalities were financed with 446 000 Eur
During 2021 - Invested 270.000 Eur in 18 small projects of local farmers;

Difficulties encountered

Financial problems occurs - liquidity of network
How to attract new members in the network

Potential for learning or transfer

1. The network creates conditions for the development of the Gorski kotar region as a rural area of the Republic of Croatia in accordance with its needs on the principles of LEADER methodology
2. Network potential is the networking of different stakeholders and joint cooperation to increase sustainability, all with the aim of boosting the development of Gorski kotar area
3. Network share examples of good practices among members and some of this practices are adopted by local stakeholders and financed within network
Main institution
Local action group Gorski kotar
Jadranska Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Start Date
December 2009
End Date


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