The “Rally” allows to discover the home helper job with its duties and responsabilities in order to have qualified professionals working in the sector.
The home care sector is one of the largest growing sector in France, with many business and working opportunities. It is also facing several challenges: an increasing demand due to aging of population, difficulties in finding qualified staff, difficulties in keeping qualified staff, a complicated regulatory framework.
Autonom’Lab decided to launch a regional study to identify bottlenecks and opportunities within the home care sector.
The result has been a collective analysis called “Career path for home care workers” that lasted one year and involved more than 90 stakeholders from the sector and the regional ecosystem; it showed all the barriers that the home helpers can face throughout their career. Then a rally to discover the home helper jobs has been co designed by 15 institutional partners who organised 44 workshops to let participants discover that job and to choose it (or not!). Care(e)r pathway and Rally for Homeworkers focus on education in health and care and cooperation between public and private investors to increase the quality of care services and solve unemployment and the lack of professional carers who are skilled in using (smart) health innovations in practice, that is an important condition for the implementation of smart health solutions.

Resources needed

1pm for 3 months for coordination and management ( the whole process lasts 8 months: time to plan the rally, one month to run the rally, some time after to collect all data and to analyze);
1 kit of communication ( print);
Around 10000 euros for communication tools, premises and food.

Evidence of success

44 partners involved.
44 workshops concerning 7 themes organized for 1 month.
228 participants to the rally .
62 individual certificates delivered proving the attendance to the rally.
6 group certificates delivered (scholar groups and professional insertion groups).
54.7% of the respondents to the satisfaction questionnaire intended to continue their professional career in home care sector as home helper.

Difficulties encountered

Need to focus on the right target of participants.
Difficulties to engage employers in a long-term program .
Adapt the rally's framework (themes and workshops) in order to meet participants' needs in a short and long therm.
Organizing a second rally takes less time than the first one!

Potential for learning or transfer

Since the first edition of the rally the objective was to transfer the practice to other territories.
For this, a toolkit has been developed. This kit presents the methodology the different tools useful to plan, monitor and communicate about the rally.
This tool kit is free: users must simply cite the intellectual property of the project.
The kit includes a USB key containing all materials (inDesign format) that allows to save time and money for other organizations interested in deploying the rally.
Another department of the region Nouvelle Aquitaine (Les Deux-Sèvres,) already organized the rally twice!
Other departments from inside and outside the region showed interest for this inititiative
Main institution
Limousin, France
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
May 2018


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