“Plug in labs Ouest” is a webservice presenting scientific and technological skills of all research units in Bretagne.
The online tool connects research and innovation stakeholders. The purpose of “Plug in labs Ouest” is to encourage collaborative projects and contribute to technology transfer by breaking the language barrier between researchers and entrepreneurs. Placing public research at the heart of the knowledge economy involves opening up its skills to the social and economic world in the search of sources for innovative projects. In Bretagne, seven Strategic Innovation Areas involve scientific and economic actors and provide innovation, whether technological, organizational or social.
The initial problem was the lack of visibility of regional laboratories skills for the companies, that limited the links between universities and companies.
The tool provides a visibility at a national scale for the skills of the regional stakeholders.
The tool contributes to forge links with companies and the institutions responsible for supporting the companies. It can be used to draw a regional response to European calls, thanks to the classification of the skills through strategic innovative areas.

Resources needed

Staff requirement in Bretagne: a project leader and a project assistant.
Technical requirement: co-development of a web-based interface with an external provider.
Financial requirement: equity funding, with a subsidy from the State, Bretagne Développement Innovation and from the ERDF.

Evidence of success

Acceptability increases incrementally because the potential of data exploitation strengthens all the stakeholders. The laboratories receive more and more requests from companies, which proves the tool is useful.

- Number of visits to website: 4.955/year
- Number of users: 2.526/year
- Number of requests: 188.140/year

Other Regions (University of Paris-Saclay, Wallonia, etc.) are now partners of this initiative.

Difficulties encountered

Managerial barriers:
- Internal resistance to change from the Universities: necessity to show the added-value of the project
- Translate a scientific language to socio-economic language: the project leader was helped by technology transfer officers.

Potential for learning or transfer

Time gain through a transfer of the methodology and technology. The time taking to apply GP will be one year and half (data collect and tool designing).

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Main institution
Conseil Régional de Bretagne
Bretagne, France
Start Date
March 2016
End Date
September 2017


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