Awareness raising campaigns and marketing for more and better Public Transport (PT) , based on the UITP Campaign 'PTx2=2025' and 'All together - Grow with PT'.
A public transport promotion campaign was held in 2013 by the Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority (ThePTA), based on the UITP (International Union of Public Transport) campaign of PTx2=2015 (doubling the PT market share by 2025) and 'GROW with Public Transport'.
UITP launched the ‘All together for public transport growth’ movement. and invited its members in 92 countries around the world (inc. ThePTA) to unite during European Mobility Week (16-22 September) to display the ‘Grow with Public Transport’ campaign message in buses, metros, trams and online to make a coordinated call for greater support in order to obtain more and better public transport.

For the first time, the public transport sector has united across five continents and 31 countries (including 21 capital cities) to speak with the same voice at the same time. Why? To show that the public transport sector is united with a common aim: making cities better places to live and work.

Thessaloniki was one of the participating cities (by ThePTA), the only one in Greece.

The benefits of PT were highlighted :
Green growth
Attracting businesses
Creating jobs
Tackling congestion
Cutting energy bills
Reduced cost to the economy
Value creation
Fighting against Climate change
Cutting carbon
Energy efficient mobility
PT: a tried and tested green mobility provider
Liveable cities
Social inclusion
Healthier lifestyles
Improved road safety
High-quality urban environments
Transport fit for the future

Resources needed

Staff time to adapt an existing campaign to specific city or metropolitan area.
Printing costs of posters, leaflets and panels.
Low-cost postings on social media.
Video clips on TV and social media.
Stands at city centre and PT interchange points.
Social and cultural events to support actions.

Evidence of success

The campaign raised awareness amongst political decision makers and citizens alike of the social, economic and environmental benefits that public transport brings. With better public transport in qualitative and quantitative terms, cities can cut traffic congestion, increase road safety, foster social inclusion, reduce pollution and be a motor for sustainable economic growth.

In Thessaloniki, this was the first campaign for PT and helped raise the profile of SUMP related effective measures.

Difficulties encountered

The campaign contributed to raise the image of PT, but in terms of increased PT use there are longer-term benefits and no quantitative data are available.

The economic value of PT is €130-150bn/year or 1-1.2% of EU GDP.
Every year nearly €100bn, or 1% of the EU’s GDP, is lost by congestion.

Potential for learning or transfer

In a questionnaire submitted to participants, the words ‘congestion’, ‘capacity’, ‘urban space’, ‘demographic change’, ‘infrastructure’ and ‘finance’ came up again and again. Together the participants identified common areas for improvement: ‘network development’, ‘provide a better service’, ‘purchase of new vehicles’, and the better management of urban space.

Awareness raising and marketing campaigns for PT have a very high potential for learning by and transfer to other cities. A major potential is for joint campaigns to highlight the PT benefits across cities and countries. The experience of the UITP 'Grow with PT - All together for PT growth' showed that when cities work together on a common theme the results are amplified.

Other campaigns for sustainable mobility have been carried out and are available for adaptation by other cities at a low-cost of implementation.

PT and Sustainable Mobility campaigns offer a relatively low-cost method for more and better PT in SUMPs.
Main institution
Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority
Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
September 2013
End Date
September 2013


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