Support Programme created to consolidate regional SMEs in the international market within the Strategic Plan for Internationalisation of Extremadura.
Financed by Regional Funds and European Social Funds (ESF), the Consolidation Plan is a Support Program created to help regional enterprises to consolidate not only their international sales, but also the export department and training in international marketing and strategy.
As for the specific support offered to the companies participating in this Good Practice it can be classified into technical, training and commercial support.
• Technical support: technicians of Extremadura Avante support the participant in the development of an internationalisation plan through a personalised monitoring.
• Training support: focus on the management team and foreign trade technician, the participants can take part in the following training activities:
- General Training Plan: Attendance to three trainings in group
- Individual Training Plan: it consists in two individual classes, finishing with:
Deliverable 1.- Action Plan including marketing and communication strategies to develop in the selected markets
Deliverable 2.- Design of an International Road Map including new sales channels in the selected markets
• Support in promotion actions abroad: aid for activities and expenses for a maximum of 3.000€/company. Some of the possible activities are: commercial trips, promotional material, specialised consultancy or legal advice, among others.
The enterprises can apply to this programme for two years in a row.

Resources needed

For the development of this GP the resources needed are:
• Technical staff support
• For the 2016 annuity, the Consolidation Plan has a cost/budget of 103.280€ (90.000€ for activities + 5.000€ for training + 8.280€ for consultancy) for the participation of 30 regional enterprises

Evidence of success

• Since 2004 over 200 enterprises have participated in this programme and have received support to consolidate their foreign trade department (in 2016).
• In 2016, 30 enterprises participated in this program.
• The Consolidation Plan has become a boost to develop and consolidate the international activity of the SMEs.

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential for learning of this Good Practice has been identified in relation to:
• The support to the international strategy is facilitated through a close monitoring and advice given by a coordinated team: Extremadura Avante technicians and the foreign trade consultants.
• The proposals applying to the Consolidation Plan are registered through an on-line questionnaire in the website of Extremadura Avante.
• SMEs receive a complete package to develop their international activity: training, technical support and commercialization tools.

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Main institution
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2004
End Date


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