Senior-Senior is an online platform facilitating the exchange of services between elderly persons.
Senior-senior is an online platform and app connecting elderly persons in rural areas in Normandy.
The platform helps them in contacting elderly persons willing to share a moment with other seniors. Activities goes from taking care of their animal when the person is absent and practicing sports or a leisure activity to sharing a car to go shopping and giving assistance when using computers and other digital tools.
Thus, the platform provides solutions to different challenges of ageing in rural areas, from mobility to social inclusion and digital transition.
The originality of this platform relies in the connexion of elderly persons between them. Services are free are not based on the employment of a social caregiver. Moreover, it encourages social interaction and solidarity between seniors living in the same rural villages.
Profiles of users can be checked by Senior Senior’s developer or by municipalities. Some words have been forbidden on the app to, like the word “money” to avoid a misuse of the app.
Senior-senior was developed together with local municipalities in Normandy and the communication around the platform is adapted in each municipality depending on its needs. Municipalities and Senior Senior are constantly working on the development of the app. They together share the dissemination and communication work.

Resources needed

Senior Senior has 4 employees and subcontracts to agencies activities linked to app maintenance and community management. 6 independent “public relations officer”, are also in charge of public relations with local authorities.
Municipalities pay a membership fee depending on its size and needs. For

Evidence of success

70 municipalities and « Communautés de communes » already joined Senior-Senior. The number of users varies depending on cities’ sizes and on the starting date of the project in each territory. In Coutances, a small rural city, more than 150 seniors are using the app.

Difficulties encountered

Challenges are related to dissemination as the app needs to be known among elderly persons. This is why Senior Senior decided to first start in one region to get known before expanding to other areas.

Potential for learning or transfer

Senior Senior will be expanded to other French territories. A partnership with county authorities is currently discussed as this could be a way to better target remote and rural areas.
Solidarity between elderly persons can be an easy concept to transfer, especially in areas with few public services or transports but with a strong community spirit potential. The transferability of this good practice also relies on the fact services are free for seniors.

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Main institution
Basse-Normandie, France
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Paulo Pinto

Comunidade Intermunicipal do Ave