Better manage food stored in the fridge through an app
Bofrost invented an app to take care of food products and to reduce food waste. Starting from the insertion of some information (a photo of the product, the quantity and expiry dates when available) the app builds up a “virtual fridge” where each product is associated with semaphore colours (red, yellow and green) according to the closeness of expiry.

This application - developed by Bofrost, Italian leader in door-to-door frozen food - is designed to prevent waste. Available for iOs and Android, FrigOk allows people to keep the refrigerator under control by entering the picture of the freshly purchased food, the quantity and the expiration date. In this way, virtual reproduction of the refrigerator is obtained on the smartphone or tablet. A traffic light indicates if each product is close to the expiry date (red dot) or if it can still be kept for a long time (green). When activating the notifications, the app warns if there is something to consume as soon as possible and allows to control the fridge even remotely, while shopping.

The app is free for all users. It provides real time information on food products expiry dates.

Annual food waste In Italy is around 149 kg per capita, and the highest quota of it is (42%) generated at the households level (Eurostat). More awareness in the management of family’s food is the first action to be adopted to fight food waste, and it starts from a better use of refrigerator.

Resources needed

R&D, capital, communication

Evidence of success

FrigOK helps to avoid food and money wastage in a simple and intuitive way. The economic impact of the eco innovation is in term of savings: estimations state that an Italian family puts into trash 300 euro of food per year. Practice-driven learning how to reduce food waste in the kitchen would generate a relevant saving of money.
In May 2020, the app has been downloaded 53,000 times. With approximately 20% of trials, this means that today they are 40,000 users of the app.

Potential for learning or transfer

Locally, the action of Centro Idea of the Municipality of Ferrara increases in the citizens the knowledge and education on several sustainability questions, such as food waste.
The eco innovation will be effective in the long term if the app will be used by a big number of citizens. This will be possible if there will be a massive communication activity around it.
Local authorities have a key role in the valuation of good practices implemented by citizens, local organisations and private sector. In this last case, the limit is to not advertise a specific business, in particular when it is companies that are not particularly rooted in the area but having national or international coverage.
But these practices keep remaining good practices and raising their visibility could encourage other players to offer similar services and stimulate the awareness of the private sector on the food waste issue

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Main institution
Bofrost Italia SpA, Vodu-AIPEM
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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