Making cutting edge technology to help chefs reduce food waste
Winnow is a tech company making cutting edge technology to help chefs reduce food waste in the UK, Singapore, Dubaï, Shanghaï. Winnow connects commercial kitchens (Hospitality, hotels, restaurants and contract caterers) to the cloud allowing them to record and analyse exactly what is put in the bin. Food waste is an age old problem for the hospitality sector which up until now has not had an effective or scalable solution. Winnow helps the foodservice industry plan more effectively and cook smarter.
Simple and intuitive, the Winnow System has been designed specifically for busy kitchens. Winnow operates a software as a service (SAAS) business model and customers pay recurring license fee to access the cloud analytics and reporting platform. At the core of its commercial offering is the fact that Winnow offers an attractive ROI (Return On Investment) alongside its sustainability outcomes. By halving a kitchen’s food waste, Winnow reduces its food spending by 3-8%.
What gets measured gets managed, and by using data intelligently kitchens can be made more efficient.
An example for schools is given by Chartwells, UK & Ireland leading provider of catering to schools, colleges and universities, in St Faith's School - Cambridge with (i) Food waste reduced by 40%, (ii) 7,000 meals saved in a year and (iii) 13 tonnes of CO2e avoided

Resources needed

Food cost issue is the same in public and private sectors. Regarding the competencies of local authorities in education and health, this ready for use service could usefully help public catering services to save food and money. Ask for pricing at:

Evidence of success

Although the scale of the food waste problem is enormous, it presents a huge opportunity for businesses to recover value and become more efficient. Winnow does this by quantifying waste reductions using data collected by its users. To date Winnow demonstrated significant impact:
● Food waste cut in half in hundreds of kitchens
● 2,300 tons of food per year saved from landfill
● 5,895,000 meals saved a year
● 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions saved
● £6.3m savings delivered to their customer

Potential for learning or transfer

There’s a potential for learning and transfer in the public catering sector, especially when it’s managed by local or regional authorities.
The Winnow system has already proved that it can be implemented at scale to deliver significant savings for the entire hospitality sector. More operators are waking up to this huge opportunity. Since 2013 Winnow has expanded operations in 26 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Winnow has won the confidence of global brands like Compass Group, IKEA and AccorHotels.
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Inner London - West, United Kingdom
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January 2013
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