Dropping off unwanted food in a Community Fridge to save food from waste
Edventure ran a 10 week project around tackling food waste where the participants had to explore and research where they could have an impact on food waste. They ran large community meals using surplus food donated from businesses and farms and a small group of them researched into community fridges which already existed successfully in Germany and Italy. In April 2016 they set up the Uk’s first community fridge.
A community fridge in the center Frome enabling people and business to share excess food that is still edible with the community, minimise food waste and allow the community to source free food. The fridge is managed by a project coordinator and run mostly by volunteers who help to collect and deliver food and keep the fridge clean.
Edventure is a school for community enterprise, it enables young adults (age 18-30) to take part in a 10 week start up course, learning and gaining experience on interesting and exciting start up projects. Learning by doing the young adults get the chance to run and manage projects that benefit and work towards a resilient community and help to create a sustainable economy for the benefit of all.
Frome town council - an independent town council who work for the town rather than a political party- is very supportive, and have provided funding for projects in the past, including a years worth of funding for the community fridge. They now have a new match funding scheme for community projects in Frome which is done through crowdfunder

Resources needed

The fridge costs around £250 to run per month (rent, electrics & volunteer coordination). This was funded by the Frome town council for its first year (April 2016 - July 2017), since August 2017, the fridge has been funded by the Hubbub foundation and a couple of local businesses and local people.

Evidence of success

The fridge has raised awareness around food waste, firstly in the town; it’s in a very public place and people always stop to ask what the project is and what the fridge is for. Secondly, it raised awareness via local and national press, which has led to many more fridges being set up in the UK. The fridge is a start in addressing the problem of food waste. Since opening in April 2016 till July 2017, the fridge has saved over 44,000 items from going in the bin.

Potential for learning or transfer

More community fridges have opened up after Frome: London x 5 fridges, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Peterborough, Swadlincote, Sheffield, Machester x 2, Shildon, North Shields.
A resource pack available to download, the hubbub fondation have also recently created a resource pack to help opening of extea community fridge elsewhere. The fridge is currently dependent on funding to continue.

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Main institution
Edventure Frome CIC, Frome Town Council
Dorset and Somerset, United Kingdom
Start Date
April 2016
End Date


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