A multi-channel check-in system, which unifies the sales channels and adds new ticket media
More than 100,000 commuters travel from the Central Bohemian Region to Prague for work or school every day. Until last year they needed to buy two separate tickets for each region. In 2018, Prague came up with a multi-channel check-in system, which unifies the sales channels and adds new ticket media for handling public transport passengers in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.
The project was officially launched on 27 August 2018 and is planned to run for at least 10 years.
Its unique contribution is greater public transport passenger comfort. Thanks to the modernization of the system, new options have been added for the handling and management of travel tickets. The check-in rules for Prague and the Central Bohemian Region have been unified.
Tickets and coupons can be bought through an eshop or the PID Lítačka mobile app, without having to visit a sales outlet. The PID Lítačka regional transport system is now using additional ticket media, such as a payment card or the InKarta – the Czech Railways travel card. This way, passengers can enjoy faster and more convenient payment for their travel tickets.
Mobile app PID Lítačka allows to purchase one-time fare or to activate the fare later. It also allows to send the fare to another person. The passengers can search current connections, including closures and restrictions. The app helps with finding parking lots by giving the overview of the city and commercial parking lots (including P+R).

Resources needed

Investment costs amounted to 45 million CZK (1.73 million EUR), whereof the staff cost came to 7.4 million CZK( 0.29 million EUR).

Evidence of success

In less than a year since its inception the PID Lítačka integrated regional transport system is regularly used by over 1 million users, while the number of registered users in the eshop and mobile application users is progressively growing.

Difficulties encountered

It has proven essential not to underestimate any part of the system. As it turns out, some of the initially less significant system functions have proven critical for the overall functioning of the multi-channel check-in system.

Potential for learning or transfer

The good practice points out the importance of collaboration of city companies with regional and national authorities. The company responsible for the Smart City projects, Operátor ICT a.s., working on this innovative project brought together - the Prague Public Transit Company, ROPID – Prague Integrated Transport Authority, the Integrated Transport of Central Bohemian Region company and the national rail transport provider – Czech Railways.
The new unified system is a convenient and modern means of handling public transport passengers in Prague and in the Central Bohemian Region as part of a single integrated transport system.
Many European regions and cities face the need to integrate their different ticketing systems with systems of neighbouring regions, and passengers call for an easy and comfortable system of ticketing. With the mobile PID Lítačka app, they can now travel easily in Prague and throughout the whole Central Bohemian Region.

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Main institution
Operátor ICT, a.s
Praha, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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