A study programme for bachelor and graduates in order to explore the potential actions about technological skills.
Most of the students in business administration programme, at the end of their university degree, did not have enough technical training and skills to think about the possibility of implementing industrial modernisation projects within the companies.
Robotics, big data analytics, new methods of manufacturing are only concepts studied during their degree and there was a need of developing further training activities requested by most of the companies.
These companies had to implement these courses in house, with the subsequent investment and resources required for their new employees.
The University of Cantabria designed and implemented a new MSc Course with a clear target of giving training and practical information in the field of digitalisation.
The course is designed and developed using two main key inputs, in one hand there is a study of the needs of the companies and the kind of new professional skills they need. On the other there is deep knowledge from the University about the educational skills already obtained by the students and the possibilities of implementing new actions on digitalisation.
The course has been implemented with great success and other Universities including international ones are thinking about implementing these activities.

Resources needed

Approx. 1.800 EUR per location per student
Each student/company pays an annual fee. There are public grants available for the students which can reach 75 % of the total cost

Evidence of success

In the last 10 years, almost 200 students have been participating in the course and are already working and developing Digitalisation projects at International, national and regional level.

At the same time the companies have been in contact with the University of Cantabria in order to adjust their requests and the possibilities of developing new skills and training paths for a better performing of the methodologies used in the course.

Potential for learning or transfer

The course, the contents and the training activities as well as the experience achieved during these years of running the course can be applied to other Universities and faculties, including large firms.
There is a clear potential for transferring the existing knowledge as well as the potential of building new actions at both sides (Companies/Universities).
The students, which have finished the MSc, have developed different working practices in different local companies, most of them, members of the regional ICT Association.
Main institution
University of Cantabria
Cantabria, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2007
End Date


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