Hermes-V is the fleet management and monitoring system applied and operated on the municipal waste management vehicles of the Municipality of Ilion, Greece.
Challenges such as no monitoring of fleet and difficulties in meeting the Municipality’s cleaning and recycling needs led to the adoption of the Hermes-V telematics system on municipal waste management trucks. Developed and implemented by “Direct Solutions” company, which is specialized in technological mobility solutions, the system aims to provide environmental and financial benefits to the Municipality of Ilion.

Hermes-V is a web platform for telematics services of vehicles which provides real time data regarding the fleet performance, such as real time geographic identification of the vehicles for effective supervision and real time diagnostics of their mechanical state along with any possible malfunction in order to prevent costly repairs. In addition, through the introduction of the relevant devices on the trucks fleet, engine measurements for the temperature, battery voltage, fuel and oil level, etc. can be conducted at any time and specialised reports according to the organisation’s needs can be created, including information such as speed, trip duration, distance and a lot more meaningful data concerning the performance of municipal vehicles. Finally, detailed analysis of driving behaviour can be achieved using smart algorithms in order to reward good drivers and pay attention on the reckless ones.

The company, also, provides the technical support and training on how to use the equipment. A well-trained municipal employee supervises the operating system.

Resources needed

The total amount needed for the full implementation of the system was €61,500. It was financed through national and European funding. The company had to conduct the preliminary study, provide the software along with the required manuals and train the municipal employees to operate Hermes-V properly.

Evidence of success

“Hermes-V allows the Municipality of Ilion to form the foundation for a Smart-City and make the city a more livable and sustainable place for the residents by improving the waste management and recycling process” according to the Mayor. Moreover, the appropriate fleet management of 60 municipal vehicles led to higher fleet utilization and reduced fuel consumption, which resulted into improved environmental conditions and financial benefits due to time and cost efficient methods of management.

Potential for learning or transfer

The use of technological solutions led to efficient fleet monitoring further resulting into optimal route planning and higher fleet utilization. Additionally, financial benefits as well as less pollution derived from fuel management towards a greener city. Any city aiming to a more sustainable future can apply a similar system on their respective vehicle fleets. The aforementioned and presented mobility solution is considered applicable at a global level and the same model can be easily followed elsewhere as no prerequisites are required.

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Main institution
Municipality of Ilion, Athens, Greece
Aττική, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
March 2016
End Date
April 2016


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