The objective of Cooperactivas is to create a network of mutual aid that serves as support for existing social entities and as a starting point for new ones.
Promoted by the cooperative movement in León (Castile and León) through the Leonese Union of cooperatives, ULECOOP, COOPERACTIVAS is a project funded in 2017 by the association with the same name, whose objective is to create a point of contact and a forum for active participation, within the framework of social statutes, in which people who participate, can make themselves known and can contact each other for mutual benefit; entrepreneurs, companies, professionals, associations and public bodies that cooperate actively to incubate, connect, grow, promote and consolidate economic activities within the principles and values of the social economy and territorial development.
In a context of negative demographic evolution, loss of productive potential, lack of employment opportunities for its inhabitants, and where there is no legal recognition of social enterprises, nor specific support instruments, the idea of creating the COOPERACTIVAS arises from a group of people, cooperative members and/or professionals who want to join efforts and share projects, after observing the large number of initiatives of a social nature that barely have visibility and in view of the little existence of independent contact forums for the different entities of social entrepreneurship and territorial development.

Resources needed

The resources of Cooperactivas are made up of: annual fees of the persons/companies/ public administrations members; voluntary contributions; public and private subsidies and aid.
The profits obtained by the association derived from the exercise of economic activities, must be used for its purpose

Evidence of success

With more than 16 enterprises, projects and public administrations registered, the main services that the association offers to its members free of charge are the following:

- Guidance, advice and technical Assistance both for start-up and consolidation; definition of business plans.
- Visibility of the social enterprise concept; visibility in the web; advice on corporate image and brand.
- Support in the search for funding investing; cooperation between partners.

Potential for learning or transfer

In the specific context of Castile and León and in the current global context, seeking to manufacture, produce, provide services in a responsible manner or with the sustainable and social distinction and under a collaborative approach as is the case of Cooperactivas, leads to public authorities, companies, and society in general, enter into another dynamic that leads to innovation in the product or service, new market opportunities and changes in consumption and lifestyles.
It is necessary to observe how a new and unknown scenario is being built at the same time, which provides a significant dose of uncertainty, but also of opportunities, which requires organizations with this type of approach. Initiatives such as Cooperactivas, where active participation is the basis, favors and develops responsibility and collective solidarity, allows a better knowledge of reality, contributes to social and civic education of citizens and strengthens social organizations.
Main institution
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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