The main objective of La Exclusiva is to reverse the process of depopulation in the most depopulated rural areas through a service of delivery of supplies.
- What is the problem addressed and the context which triggered the introduction of the practice?
The problem is that the most isolated and sparsely populated areas of the province of Soria and Burgos do not have stores to cover their basic needs.
- How does the practice reach its objectives and how it is implemented?
La Exclusiva does not distribute to villages that already have a shop, since its objective is to bring food to villages that do not have them, although it does offer the supply of products and services to the shops themselves. Its slogan is “The shop of the villages without a shop". In order to cover the basic needs of the population that lives in these areas, and so that no additional cost incurs to the client, it is the supplier who assumes the cost of the service that La Exclusiva invoices each supplier on a monthly basis (% of the total sales volume). In exchange, it offers the exclusivity of delivering the orders that the inhabitants need, to their establishment, and allows the businesses of the capital to enlarge their clientele.
- Who are the main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice?
The main stakeholders are the businesses of the capital who supply all the goods to La Exclusiva and the owners of this company.
And the main beneficiaries are the people who live in those villages which do not dispose of shops.

Resources needed

There is no information provided.

Evidence of success

This practice is considered good because of the enormous labour it is doing in those villages by reducing depopulation, covering the basic needs of its inhabitants without any additional cost through a social logistics system offered:
•Access to products and services of basic needs from the capital without any additional cost.
•Comfort and saving of time resulting from the collection and home delivery of orders.
•Security and improvement of the well-being of vulnerable groups.

Difficulties encountered

Lack of knowledge in the management of a company
Going bankrupt before achieving sustainability
Not enough man power to reach all potential customers
Image is weakened by lack of a clear strategy

Potential for learning or transfer

With the aim that no person, regardless of the village where they live, is forced to leave their home due to the lack of basic services in the rural environment, La Exclusiva has designed an operational plan for its replication in different provinces.
Operational plan for replication by province:
Contact with administrations, local associations and stakeholders.
2.Search for an organization linked to the territory that will become the office headquarters of La Exclusiva.
Set up La Exclusiva in new provinces,
3.Look for a supplier that assumes the cost of the service.
4.Request leasing/purchase and equipping a van.
5.Informative talks.
6.Hiring of workers and a one-week intensive training
7.A press conference will be organized to make visible the activity and the first route organized.
8.Expansion of routes and services according to the needs of each route.
Main institution
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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