Printed materials have been successively replaced by electronic ones. This includes all groups of stakeholders, including employees and students.
Large quantities of materials are printed at universities, including: tasks, training materials, contracts, applications, projects, reviews, exams, scripts. Some of the printouts are carried out by university employees and some by students.
Paper is the main waste at universities, it is often expensive to dispose of due to the data on it. Paper waste often also requires archiving and storage. The number of prints causes in administrative departments to generate costs from the necessity of having and using printers and copiers. Paper waste produced by students includes, among others: photocopied documents, notebooks, scripts. For that reason WSB University in Wroclaw has set itself the goal of reducing printouts and paper waste.
The solution to this problem is multithreaded:
1. Implementation of the Moodle e-learning system, used to provide students with electronic information and teaching materials. On the Moodle platform, students post solutions for tasks (one-person, group), exams and colloquia are carried out. Students use the system via phones or computers.
2. Implementation of the Extranet - a platform enabling electronic communication of university administration departments and lecturers with students (contracts, index, applications).
3. Implementation of Intrantet - a platform aimed at employees, enabling communication between administrative departments (contracts, reviews, internal documentation).

Resources needed

The waste reduction project has been implemented for 15 years.The university employs 6 workers responsible for implementation and training related to e-documents. Until now solutions consist of exams carried out electronically, solving tasks on the Moodle platform on electronic devices.

Evidence of success

1. Significant reduction in the number of prints with materials for students.
Liquidation of one photocopy point for students - there were no clients for photocopying.
2. Introduction of internal e-documentation.
3. Increased involvement of teaching staff in working with students on the Moodle platform.
4. Increased student expectations in terms of making teaching materials available to them on the Moodle platform.

Difficulties encountered

The habit of printing and reading paper version of the materials is still very strong. There is a belief that printed version is more important and easier to search for in archive than electronic documents. Administrative employees are accustomed to the easy availability of photocopying equipment.

Potential for learning or transfer

Changing the flow of documents into electronic documents in the case of the university significantly reduces the problems of timely delivery of documents, information and tasks. It facilitates the process of waste utilization as well as archiving them.
The document flow is much more transparent and faster.

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Main institution
WSB Universities
Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
January 2004
End Date


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