Employment creation thanks to the training of people in the territory to provide quality proximity services for the elderly living in rural areas.
SAE project is an innovative solution which offers proximity and quality services to the people living in rural areas at home or in other institutions giving a personalized response to their needs.
This project has two main objectives:
- Social inclusion of people with disabilities (or in risk exclusion) though the jobs creation for this collective (not only but specially).
- Offering quality services for dependent people living in rural areas.
SAE is a new service’s model which guarantees the people attention regardless their needs’ evolution. This is a very flexible and dynamic support model including from occasional support at home to extensive and widespread cares in residences. Therefore, users (and their families) have the tranquility and security that they will be perfectly cared throughout all the life’s itinerary. This is the differential element of this project; innovate and unique regarding the attentions system to the dependence.
SAE offers three different services for its users: Home attention, Day care services and Residential services.
On these grounds, SAE project offers training for people with disabilities (or in risk of exclusion) to cover specific positions which are required in the different activities included in this framework (auxiliary services in residential or day care services…).
This project is lead to people with disabilities, people in risk of social exclusion or dependent people mainly living in rural areas.

Resources needed

Residences and day care centres in the province of Burgos (some in property others only managed by the entity). 200 places in residences. 150 places in day care centres. 130 people in staff. 20 people working in auxiliary services.
The annual budget allocated to this project is around 1.7 M€.

Evidence of success

This project was initially tested (project pilot) in the Burgos area of Demanda – Pinares to be gradually implemented in other territories of the province after evaluating the first results. Considering that the province of Burgos has a potential market of 8.000 users, they are planning creating 150 new jobs (45% for dependent people or in risk of exclusion).

Potential for learning or transfer

ASPANIAS is a social organization (non - profit) with more than 50 years of working in the territory. It means that they have enough experience at the time they are established in the territory as well as ASPANIAS’ staff knows perfectly well the population’ needs. In fact, they have a network of 20.000 people linked in same way with the entity in the territory (partners, workers, users, contributors…).
On these grounds, the project has a big social impact in the territory:
- Improvement of the quality of life of elderly people living in rural areas.
- Job creation; especially for people in risk of social exclusion.
- Wealth for the territory (economic growth).
This initiative (in a small scale at the beginning) could be transfer to other regions and territories.

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Main institution
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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