This template was initiated to provide local collectivities in improving their foodstuffs tenders from a quality, environmental and social perspective.
This tender aims to cope with the French national plan for green public procurement 2015-2020.The document is designed to ease local distribution channels and the consideration of sustainable development in the tender. Suppliers to be assessed are expected to complete the two documentation forms.
The template tackles both environmental issues as well as social inclusion aspects:
1. Design of an annex A intending to ease offers assessment throughout the selection process from a technical and qualitative perspective
2. Design of an annex B intending to assess offers regarding social and occupational integration, say, how to promote social integration and employment in public procurement?
All public buyers and local authorities striving to make its tenders evolve to consider sustainable development and cope with National plan objectives.

Resources needed

The ARPE association in collaboration with local authorities.

Evidence of success

A rate s given to every aspect:
Qualitative aspects: physical and sensory aspects, foodstuff freshness, product diversity and seasonality.
Development of direct supply: distribution channel, traceability.
Farming model: conventional, organic, high environnemental value certification, reduction resources consumption, packing type, transportation standard policy.
Rate and number of organic products, fare trade.
Social employment integration: number of hours, justification and penality.

Difficulties encountered

The good practice asks for details about all the subsequent aspects, outlining the overall approach in the first chapter would be even more understandable form a circular economy standpoint. As well, formalizing the request through a chart would probably ease the analysis of proposals.

Potential for learning or transfer

The template may be used to train public buyers of any region on foodstuff, catering and services tenders. Its applicability is nationwide.

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Main institution
Rhône-Alpes, France
Start Date
April 2015
End Date


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