Separate waste collection and successful operation of small composting plant using the municipality's own resources.
Since 2004, the municipality of Veľké Turovce is a member of the Association of Municipalities for the Separate Collection of "Hont – Poiplie". The municipality separates paper, plastics, glass, metals and multilayer composite materials. Collection of edible fats and oils is ensured within the Association. Collection and separation is provided by an external company. Obligations in the bio-waste management are determined by legislation for the municipalities. Already in 2016, the municipality entered the call for the construction of composting sites and collection points, but the prepared project was not approved.
On the basis of the necessity to solve the issue of bio-waste processing, the municipality proceeded to build its own small composting plant with a capacity of up to 100 tons from its own resources. In 2018, it obtained approval to operate it. Due to the lack of technology and at the same time increasing demands for the care of public areas, the municipality bought a small tractor with additional equipment – mulcher and wood chipper.
The composting plant is in operation since September 2018 and only bio-waste from public areas was deposited here. During 2018, 7 tons of bio-waste was registered. The area to be mowed regularly (cemeteries, parks, drainage meadows) is about 9 hectares. In 2019, a significant increase in deposited biowaste is expected as people are becoming aware about this approach, in which they can contribute to local bio-based circular econonomy.

Resources needed

The municipality built a composting plant on its own land, without any special modifications or ground works. Fencing and gate have been built for EUR 2,000. The machinery was purchased for EUR 39,000. The operation is provided by 1 – 3 municipal employees and 2 employees from the Labour Office.

Evidence of success

Municipality Veľké Turovce reaches the highest value of the average amount of separated waste per capita among the member municipalities of the Association – 50 kg per capita (the average of the Association is 25 kg). It is also the leader of this approach in the adjacent region. Composting in the municipal composting plant is also ensured for citizens who do not separate at home (e.g. in the spring and autumn garden clean-up), thereby significantly reducing the amount of landfilled waste.

Difficulties encountered

Some people still do not know or have poor knowledge about composting and about separation. Therefore, the municipality provides educational activities and lectures on waste management. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bureaucracy in the self-government and waste management is generally forgotten.

Potential for learning or transfer

Although the surrounding municipalities showed interest in such a waste management system, the actual implementation from their side is questionable. The municipality of Veľké Turovce can provide municipalities with know-how in this area, which concerns in particular the necessary permits, legislation, information campaigns, education etc. The municipality is able and willing to spread further the idea of waste separation in the region. Based on their experience, representatives of the municipality Veľké Turovce are now aware of the advantages of proper waste management. They are ready to help with introduction of such management to the surrounding municipalities, who have not yet realised its importance and advantages.

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Main institution
Municipality of Veľké Turovce
Západné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
September 2018
End Date


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