The Transport Consortium of the Metropolitan Area of Zaragoza was created to ensure an integrated public transport system and alternatives to private vehicles.
The metropolis of Zaragoza is composed by the capital city and 33 municipalities, belonging to Zaragoza Province. The CTAZ’s creation was triggered by difficulties to move across and around the metropolis. In this way, this organism helps citizens to move easily, offering different transport lines with a scope of 2.950,40 km2 and approaching 260,5 citizens per km2.
To obtain these objectives a mobility-communication network is created based on 6 interurban operators, 25 transport line (connecting 25 municipalities), 28 lines of long-medium distance, 580 stations-stops and 21.402 interbus cards.
To connect all citizens and municipalities to each other, the LAZO card arises. It allows to pay and access different services through a balance accumulated on the card and it is not necessary to be a registered citizen of Zaragoza. This card has a cost of 12€ (including 9€ of pre-charged balance) and you can load it in every stop or station and other 429 points of sale. LAZO card encompasses tram, urban and interurban bus, Renfe Cercanias, BIZI and parking meter.
Its functions are divided into different areas:
-Transport: manage 11 regular public transport lines by road, through subscribed agreement
-Integration: functional coordination, tarrif integration and system coordination
-Mobility: promoting economic, social and environment sustainability of the mobility system.
-Citizens: working to be a meeting point between citizens and public sector.

Resources needed

The initial total investment was 3.350.000 € and in 2015 there was a budget of 1.856.616,22 €.

Evidence of success

The evidence of success is found in the trips made:
-5,406,285 trips in 2014 in the group of collective public transport modes for passengers operating in the suburban and interurban areas.
-120,686,561 trips in 2014 in the group of collective public transport modes of passengers operating in the Zaragoza area (urban+interurban).
In June 2018, CTAZ issued 10.000 LAZO cards and not needing to be from Zaragoza allowed its use by many uiversity students, most of them from foreign regions.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice could be potentially interesting to other regions which have not modernized their transport line. They can copy this intercommunication network to improve their connections between citizens from villages which are close to each other.

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Main institution
Provincial Government of Zaragoza
Aragón, Spain (España)
Start Date
December 2006
End Date


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