An initiative supporting investment in research and development, given the positive impact of the first edition, a second call will be published in 2019.
Given the positive impact of the measure, a second edition will be published in 2019, with a total budget of 30 M€.
Valuing and designing a system for the strategic competences and the excellence present on the territory, boosting SMEs to bring out the great potential not yet fully expressed in R&D and to promote the spread and use of new technologies , supporting their innovation process and, consequently, durable and sustainable development and competitive growth.
The specific aim would be to support the Lombard companies to develop scientific projects, projects dedicated to innovation and development providing facilitated financial support. Foreseen interventions within the projects are: industrial research, experimental development and innovation presented by single MSMEs part of manufacturing and construction sectors and some services to companies.
It provides low-interest loans up to a maximum of 1 million Euro in Lombard MSMEs. Main differences with the first FRIM ERDF 2020 call: the fund's strategy remains largely unchanged; the main differences compared to the first version of the call for proposals will concern the structuring of the contract itself and the management of the fund towards greater effective-ness and efficiency of the instrument. On the one hand, the intention is to put the experience gained on all financial instruments managed into a system, and on the other to introduce adjustments to the current regulatory framework.

Resources needed

30 M € - ROP ERDF - available budget

Evidence of success

The first edition approved 78 project proposals allocating the total of the available budget. The projects should have been coherent with the 7 RIS3 specialisation areas. Most of the project were coherent with the advanced manufacturing area.

Potential for learning or transfer

Numerous and interesting ideas emerged during the comparison and discussion with other S3Chem project partner regions.
In particular the shared need of semplication of the procedures which is inspiring the second edition of the initiative and the new regional calls.
The experience of the Lombardy Region stimulated the interest of the S3Chem partnership in particular about:
 digitalization of procedures (SiAge - Sistema Agevolazioni ), the web service allows citizens, businesses, public and private organizations to submit and manage online applications for calls/tenders for funding or subsidiaries. It is aimed at outlining the administrative procedures linked to the regional disbursements of subsidiaries on Lombard territory)
 system of independent evaluators (through a regional official register)
Main institution
Lombardy region
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
April 2019
End Date


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