To improve Cross-Border tourism by Construction of Visitor Centre, Riding Hall, Reconstruction of Greek Catholic Church in Nyírbátor and Riding Hall in Carei.
The general objective of the project CB DESTINATION is improving the tourist appeal of the border region for enhancement of CB tourism and cohesion as well as to diversify the regional economy. Target groups: 1.The Municipalities of Nyírbátor and Carei can offer diversified tourist attractions, their tourist appeal enhance increasingly, and it results growing number of tourists and tourism nights >> better economic and financial condition of the cities; 2. The Greek Catholic Parish of Nyírbátor due to its CB connections it is able to attract Romanian religious tourism. The church is also an important tourist attraction; 3. Associated partners: the equine associations operating the Riding Halls, have better condition to organize the equine tourism of the CB tourist destination.
The main specific activities of the project are: public procurement; technical supervision; detailed design; creation of joint tourist programme packages; construction of Visitor Centre in Nyírbátor; construction of Riding Hall in Nyírbátor (with equipment supply); reconstruction of Greek Catholic Church in Nyírbátor; reconstruction of Riding Hall in Carei; establishment of Panoptic (silicon sculpture museum) in Károlyi Castle in Carei (only equipment supply).

Resources needed

Project funded under the Hungary-Romania CBC Programme 2007-2013
The project was developed by partners’ own staff and subcontracted specialists.
Total Project budget: 1 536 230,00 €/ ERDF awarded: 1 305 795,50 €
Partners: Municipalities of Nyírbátor(HU) and Carei(RO). GC Parish of Nyírbátor.

Evidence of success

The aims mentioned above were achieved by implementing the following:
•Nyirbator: building a Visitors Centre, Riding Hall and Greek Catholic Church
•Carei: building of the Riding Hall and a Panoptic in the Castle Károlyi
The beneficiaries are the citizens of both municipalities along with villages, settlements within the region. However the estimated number of direct beneficiaries from the project exceeded expectations, with tourists visiting these points of interest from outside the region.

Potential for learning or transfer

We consider that the project has potential for learning due to the following factors:
• Being a CB project, is a good example of CB cooperation of partners from two different countries, good coordination, collaboration and management
• Great support from the local population and their appreciation for this project
• Transformation of an abandoned structure with historical value that became one of the key tourism points of the city
• A step forward in preserving historical values of the region
• Potential of knowledge transfer for other CB regions
The implementation of the project helped improve the image of the cities, regional tourism and good basis for future partnerships. We consider CB DESTINATION a success that should be studied, applied, improved and used for future applicants. The valuable knowledge still lies beneath the structure of the project and improvements can be made for future projects.

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Main institution
Municipality of Nyírbátor
Észak-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
October 2012
End Date
October 2014


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