In commemoration of the Starlight Declaration of La Palma, in april, we turn off the light for 1 hour to see the stars in all 14 municipalities from La Palma.
- what is the problem addressed and the context that triggered the introduction of the practice:
The local population has to learn to value and be proud of the dark sky that the island of La Palma has because it is the only way to get the population as a whole to transmit that value to our visitors. For this it is essential to carry out dissemination actions for the entire population, so coinciding with the world day starlight (April 20), the astrotourism table has developed the project "Turn off the light and light the stars"

- how does the practice reach its objectives:
Involving all 14 municipalities of La Palma to turn off the light for one hour in a specific place in each municipality where to carry out a sky observation activity. Musical concerts or theatrical performances accompanied the explanation of the night sky.

- how is it implemented
Previous meetings since January with all the actors of the event ... ... to coordinate cultural activity and astronomical observation.

- who are the main stakeholders & beneficiaries of the practice
The Municipalities, the companies that offer astronomical tours, the astronomical association from La Palma, afoto La Palma, the IAC, the Starlight Foundation ..

Resources needed

The total amount of the practice is about € 15,000.00
Starlight Guide Coordination
Collaboration with the Municipalities for the payment of the musical performance 600x14
Promotional video
People involved: about 260 people
City councils: councilors + personal + electricians
Stargaze activity

Evidence of success

All kind of profiles come to these activities, from complete families to groups of friends, couples and isolated individuals, but also tourists who are interested in the event ... in an island of small dimensions such as La Palma, interesting and gathering a Group of 75 people on average in each municipality (75x14) is considered a success.
To involve all the municipalities is a success.
To coordinate observation activities with astrophysicists, amateur astronomers and starlight guides.

Difficulties encountered

It is necessary to make more technical meetings with the personnel that will be responsible for the coordination of the event at the municipal level. Politicians have many obligations and although they have goodwill, the coordinator of the Cabildo must also be coordinated with who turns off the ligh

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is potentially interesting for other regions to learn from, because this activity provides knowledge of the sky and a playful experience at the same time to the local population and the tourists.
It is a powerful tool to achieve one of the purposes of the program: public awareness that helps to understand that turning off the light we can see the stars.

- info on success or fail factors that will influence successful transfer to another region.
To carry out this activity it is necessary to have a necessary organizational team and the will of the parties. Have personnel with enough training to explain the sky and carry out a promotional campaign to interest the population ... otherwise it can be a failed action.

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Main institution
Cabildo de La Palma
Canarias, Spain (España)
Start Date
April 2018
End Date


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