MyCompetence e-platform enlarges skills, competencies and knowledge to plan and implement success succession and transfer of business as a part of the modules.
The succession and transfer of business (STB) is an important part of strategy of the family companies, sub-category of SMEs. Owners and the young generation have to have specific skills, competencies and knowledge to plan and implement success STB.
MyCompetence is an online platform in the field of human resource management and development, which offers information on models of sector competences for key positions; job descriptions; assessment tools; e-learning resources and other specialized services for assessment and development of workforce competencies. The development of
MyCompetence includes competence profiles of over 1300 key job positions in 25 economic sectors. Each is a professional standard for the successful practice of that job in a particular economic sector. It includes a description of job requirements and a competence matrix which demonstrates the necessary behaviours for achieving optimal results at a particular position.
MyCompetence designed and launched by Bulgarian Industrial Association. The work on it began with the implementation of the project “Development and Implementation of a Workforce Competence Assessment System by Sectors and Regions” (2009-14). The competence assessment initiative continued with a second ESF project in the period 2015-19 under the HRDOP (2014-20). Following its completion, in Sept.2019, the ownership and copyrights of the system were transferred to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy who will continue to run it.

Resources needed

You just need one computer and Internet access …
As a Registered User Organization, one has access to an Admin panel for one’s own business that could be managed entirely online. The registration is free of charge.

Evidence of success

More specific measurable outputs and results:
The functioning and effectiveness of MyCompetence is ensured by the National competence assessment network which encompasses employers, managers, specialists, consultants, state experts and experts from other institutions.
- 1300 key job positions in 25 economic sectors
- 1500 employers and HR managers;
- 2500 workers and employees;
- Employees of labour market policy and regulatory institutions.

Difficulties encountered

The succession and transfer of business (STB) is an important part of strategy of the family companies, sub-category of SMEs. After the creation and growth of a business, STB is the third decisive phase in its life cycle. Business transfers should be seen as real alternatives to starting a business.

Potential for learning or transfer

The policymakers can learn from this practice in the field of business transfer and succession.
For Bulgaria for the Implementation and improving of the National Strategy for SMEs 14-20 being a political document in accordance with EU policy in this area and this policy is implemented through OPIC 14-20. Priority areas of the strategy are: Encouraging entrepreneurial activity; providing appropriate regulatory and administrative framework for SMEs by applying the "Think Small First"; Improving conditions for SMEs to access foreign markets; For Entrepreneurship - Transfer of business (TB): Measures aimed at the smooth conduct of the TB: public campaigns, mentoring schemes of the process, creating a fund to BDBank to finance the process of TB. The implementation of the indicative measures under this investment priority aims at achieving a positive effect on the development of a sustainable market competitiveness of the BG SMEs.
Main institution
Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) in partnership with the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) and the Confederation of Labour „Podkrepa”
Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date
January 2019


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