MyWay project investigates, develops and validates an integrated platform, the "European Smart Mobility Resource Manager"
MyWay arises from the need of develop an integrated platform which places the user at the centre of mobility and facilitates a holistic view of sustainable mobility, combining all sorts of transport services and automatically handling transactions related to their usage into a seamless point-to-point mobility service.
This European Smart Mobility Resource Manager aims to provide the traveller with the tools and mobility resources according to its profile and preferences. This had led to the design of a platform which combines different means of transport taking into account user preferences for journey planning but also that adds extra capabilities like booking and general transport information to the traveller. The MyWay platform and its services were tested in three European areas providing a variety of urban scenarios and characteristics: a capital city and its surrounding regional transport context, Barcelona and Catalonia Region (ES); a capital city and its metropolitan area, Berlin (DE); a small-size town equipped with initial smart city services, Trikala (GR). Three Living Lab demonstrations were correspondingly set up in the sites, involving local users and various stakeholders. The smart mobility resource manager offers to the end users transport information and the possibility to plan urban and inter-urban multimodal trips.

Resources needed

MyWay was a project supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7). Its total budget was € 4.94 million with a total EU contributi on of €3.58 million.

Evidence of success

Concrete project success indicators for MyWay were:
• At least 5% improvement in mean journey times.
• 10% shift in travel choice from private modes (cars/motorbikes) to collective (public transport) and flexible modes (flexible transport, shared e-scooters, bikes).
• 5% congestion reduction.
Testing of the MyWay application took place in each of the three participating Living Labs and 36.5% of the users in the final questionnaire think that they would benefit from having access to MyWay.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project can be a good practice model for other cities / regions as the purpose is to holistically address the efficient and seamless integration and use of complementary, capacity-limited mobility services in the overall urban travel chain, including all transport modes (motorised and non-motorised, EVs, public transport, flexible services such as transport on-demand) and mobility sharing schemes (e.g. car sharing, motorbike sharing and carpooling). This approach gives priority to the egocentric vision of the user, finding the right compromise for each single traveller and offering a solution closest to his personal needs and preferences, making the frequent use of it (as an alternative to an ideal but not always practical solution) a main contribution to the sustainability of urban transport.

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Main institution
Region of Thessaly
Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
September 2013
End Date
March 2017


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