CRAFT is a platform that provides regional innovation partners with the possibility to share information about innovative companies and academics.
The aggregated data reflect the region’s companies’ specific sectors, know-how, market application, value chain and equipment. The tool, entirely designed by BDI, helps business support operators to match businesses, researchers and the public sector to increase the commercial exploitation of new and emerging technologies, products, processes and services that are also in line with Brittany’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3).

This platform can be used, to cross academic and business competencies around our regional strategic innovation areas, to foster cross-cutting activities between regional stakeholders, to provide qualified information to national and international large companies, to provide tools for territorial marketing (attractiveness), to provide tools to drive the regional innovation network.

Resources needed

Staff requirement: a project leader, one or more project managers depending on the project size.
Technical requirement: use of a SAAS software codevelopped by BDI, internal training by the project leader.
Financial requirement: 78.000 euros for initial investment + 169.000 euros/year

Evidence of success

Some concrete results in Bretagne: 9,000 organisations including 8,000 companies, 700 labs and research teams, technical platforms, 200 training organisations, 80 stakeholders (technical and research centers, clusters, …), working on 30 different sectors.

CRAFT is already implemented in 4 regions : Bretagne, Pays de la Loire (Plug in labs Ouest), Paris Saclay (Plug in labs Université Paris-Saclay) and Wallonie (Belgium).

Difficulties encountered

CRAFT Project has elaborated a common platform for the stakeholders, with shared methods to collect information and skills on the territories. The tool does not substitute a human approach but makes available a shared database to facilitate the development of collaborative projects.

Potential for learning or transfer

The CRAFT methodology and tool have already been disseminated in 4 regions. This tool meets the regional needs to boost the S3 actions and cross-sectorial innovation.

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Main institution
Bretagne Développement Innovation
Bretagne, France
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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