"Homilys", a new type of residence, proposing rental housing that is comfortable, secure and adaptable to the loss of independence of the elderly.
In a context of an increase in the number of seniors and a lack of non-medical accommodation, Santélys, an association specializing in health and medico-social, has developed "Homilys", a new type of residence.
The objectives of this project are:
- Propose an adapted lifestyle to seniors
- Play a role in prevention and loss of independence
- Break the isolation and strengthen the social bond
- Facilitate living at home.

In this context, Homilys makes available residents:
- Innovative and discreet home automation equipment: homes are equipped with alert sensors combined with alert management platform coordinated by Santélys
- Personalized assistance by a team of Santélys professionals
- Animations / services managed by a coordinator: home cleaning service, administrative assistance, DIY assistance, home delivery of shopping, relaxing home care, ...

Proposed homes are therefore functional, ergonomic, secure, evolutionary, and finally, connected.
For 1490 euros/month, this price includes: parking, wifi access, home services, activities, technological innovations, home automation ... It is very affordable compared the median monthly price for a traditional single room in a residence for seniors (1 949 euros)

The beneficiaries of this project are the elderly (especially 75 to 85 age group):
- alone or couple
- autonomous or in loss of autonomy

Resources needed

- A dedicated budget for the construction/rehabilitation of residences
- Material resources mobilized (Material resources related to the construction / rehabilitation of buildings - Home automation equipment and gerontechnology)
- Mobilized human resources

Evidence of success

The first residence opened in Roubaix in March 2019. This residence has 5 apartments equipped with home automation. Today, 2 are occupied and the rental of the others apartments is in progress.
Santélys has very good feedbacks from residents but they give themselves 18 months to carry out a feedback.
Other residences will be created by 2020, in Proville and in La Bassée.
At the inauguration of the residence in Roubaix, in 2018, 80 people were present to discover this new residence.

Difficulties encountered

Obstacles to the realization of the project were:
- A high cost and limited co-financing possibilities
- The constitution of a team gathering all the necessary skills
- To find competent companies in the fields of home automation
- To coordinate all complex and innovative techniques

Potential for learning or transfer

Homilys is an opportunity for seniors who need assistance at home, but whose modest resources do not allow for the integration in expensive senior residences.
The apartments are built with equipment that facilitate senior’s life, but do not stigmatize them. It is an ideal project for senior who would like to leave their home that become too big, while preserving their independence. It corresponds national expectations.

Moreover, today, the national goal is to offer new housing solutions to elderly people to better meet their changing needs (between ordinary housing and specialized housing). The ambition is to develop non-stigmatizing housing but adapted to the risk of loss of autonomy.

Finally, this project, focused on new technologies, can encourage reflection on other initiatives including innovative prevention actions for older people.
Main institution
Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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