The Region of Central Macedonia’s main strategy is the participation and co-creation in a number of S3P Agri-Food platforms.
EU regions and member states are invited to propose a thematic area that is of their interest and it is linked to agri-food or industrial modernisation and their smart specialisation strategies (RIS3). One of the champion sectors of RIS3 of the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) is Agri-food. In this perspective, RCM decided to support collaboration between businesses and researchers along EU food value networks for engaging consumers in the Agri-Food system and promote bio-based economy.
Specifically, RCM is actively involved in three existing platforms and working hard to create a new one about. These three platforms are: High tech farming, Nutritional ingredients, and Traceability and big Data and the one the region is developing focuses on Personalized Nutrition. Moreover, RCM is an active member at the European Region for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ERIAFF).
Trying to utilize of new knowledge in the food industry and bio-based sectors in general, RCM aim to: catalyze food entrepreneurship and innovation; foster at interregional collaboration at all stages between a diversity of partners; strengthen competitiveness of industries in order to respond better to specific consumer demands emerging from the market.
Main stakeholders and additional organizations from 26 EU regions are committed to contribute with successful demonstrable examples from the academic, business and civil society fronts.

Resources needed

Human resources: RCM It has its own fund and the flexibility to invest its money mainly for development and strategic purposes. Its main responsibility is the technical – scientific support. 3 full time equivalents are dedicated to data collection, service providing, updating, promotion.

Evidence of success

Participation at S3 Platforms are keystones for RCM RIS3 Strategy. Enhancing technologies related with bio-based industries, interregional research and development assets as well as real business cases in this field are the one that consist RCM one of the most respectable-regions at the Agri-food sector in EU.

Difficulties encountered

There is no EU funding but any platform - partner have to use its own resources in order to achieve this cooperation and create and promote the S3 Thematic Network.

Potential for learning or transfer

The decision of the RCM to participate at S3Platforms and set up a new bio-economy network has proven to be successful to increase the exploitation of the research and innovation potential available in the region. Such kind of networks can be created also in other contexts, if the commitment of all the actors of the regional ecosystem for research and innovation is assured. In order to participate and establish an Agri-food network it is essential to create awareness in the industrial environment and inform them about the capabilities of the network. At the moment, a public support office is in creating process to guarantee services free of charge for the local companies.

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Main institution
Region of Central Macedonia
Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
August 2016
End Date


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