The National Export Portal is a tool for supporting the introduction and successful positioning of Bulgarian SMEs at international markets.
The portal is developed under the Project „Promotion of the internationalisation of the Bulgarian enterprises”, Priority Axis 4 of the OP “Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy” 2007-2013, under which BSMEPA is an institutional beneficiary. The portal is translated in Bulgarian and in English.

The maintenance of actual information in the different sections, finding offers, preparation of answers for requests received from the country and abroad, as well as consultations helping the business is realized by the expert team of the BSMEPA.

The Portal proposes the following services:

1) Maintenance of a data base with export-oriented Bulgarian enterprises;

2)Access to information and services:

-Companies matchmaking;
-Marketing researches, economic analyses and reports;
-Actual trade and market information from the Bulgarian Commercial and economic offices abroad;
-Promotional events organized under the Project;
-Seminars and Info days;
-Export strategies and policies for the priority economic sectors;
-Funding sources

3) The registered users of the portal receive periodically an Electronic bulletin with information for forthcoming events, results from previous initiatives and information about the companies wishing to participate in trainings, trade missions, fairs, B2B forums. This bulletin saves time for the users, because they don’t need to check the news all the time in the Portal.

Resources needed

The cost of the practise is 270 475 EUR.

Evidence of success

The quantative indicators which measure the success of the good practice are:

-the number of registered users is 6496 for 3 years;
-the number of registered visits in the portal is 185 063 for 3 years;
-the number request received by foreign companies, searching for Bulgarian business partners is 138 for 3 years;
-for 2014 the market analyses and researches published in the portal is 70.

Potential for learning or transfer

The portal supports and helps the enhance of SMEs internationalisation by providing current and useful information for encouraging the export activities.

The practice helps by playing an intermediary function in finding partners and in offering products and services.

The practice supports the SMEs by maintaining data base with information about export-oriented Bulgarian companies.

One or several of the services, proposed by the Portal can be transferred, by alternative instruments developed and proposed by public or private providers of SMEs support services. The activity of the Portal (or just a part of its activity) could be easily transferred in other countries or regions in the EU.

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Main institution
Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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