IUF is a public structure devoted to the promotion and support of university spin-offs. Every activities are strictly monitored through ours KPIs indicators.
The University of Florence, through the CSAVRI structure, offers a three different level programs for the development and spread of entrepreneurial culture, inside the university world, that involves from students to researchers, Phds, researcher fellows or professor. The innovation character refers to the uniqueness of this offer at regional level, because the University of Florence is the only one that provides the opportunity to found a startup while people are still studying or researching. Our monitoring system is based on the results of the training programs.
IUF is a structure devoted to the promotion and support
of university spin-offs and business start-ups based on:
a) market ideas with high innovation content
b) major links with UNIFI research groups
c) good work prospects for young people and returns for UNIFI.
Every activities are strictly monitored through KPIs indicators.
Our monitoring system is made under the followings KPIs:
% Projects becoming startup
Rating from inside company
Funds raised per startups
Status employee
Numbers of company created
Numbers of company applied
Survival after 3 years
Profit from company (3 o 5 years)
N° of Startup incubated in our Incubator
N° of new Project per years
N° of Project in partnership of University of Florence

Resources needed

CsaVRI experts board is formed by 36 consultants (including 7 university teachers), 13 consulting companies
Enterprise networks for industrial collaboration. Opportunities for funding and contact with investors and business angels.

Evidence of success

Since 2011: more than 400 days of training seminars on enterprise and
management issues
16 selection calls
160 projects admitted on pre-incubation
at the date of december 2018: 54 new spin-off
48 of them are start-up; 2 of them were preexisting
young companies; all of them are based
on innovation and collaboration with University
research in collaboration with and hospitality of bodies
specialised in technology transfer and the
development of research/business projects

Potential for learning or transfer

Other University and others Public Incubators
Main institution
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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