Involve the ecosystem in the "Open Government Data change management process". Stimulate growth and a high-data-culture-territory enabling action toward the DSM.
Trentino, 500.000 inhabitants, is a “tops the list” of the Italian provinces with the highest density of innovative startup firms with a record of 144 enterprises out of a total of 10,000 companies.

Smart Growth Strategy considers data as valuable resource for growth, efficiency, participation.

The Open Data in Trentino project ( since 2013, has been enabling the environment to create and use this resource at the best:

a. Creating a territorial OGD federated portal aligned with the National and EU OGD scenario.

b. Accelerating the process of quality enhancement of public PSI by providing local PAs a data catalog and the knowledge (guidelines, tools) to publish and maintain data in open format (metadata, data, licenses).

c. Developing scalable solutions, from technological and organizational point of view, for OGD /e.g. “ComunWeb” a reusable platform for structured data collected trought the web sites).

d. Encouraging new businesses and SMEs from the perspective of social innovation connected with data driven economy.

This Good Practice is in line with the goal of the OSIRIS project: the use of data to increase transparency, efficiency and to boost the economy is one of the pillar of open and social innovation. Indeed, OSIRIS project create the opportunity for PA to cross its own internal borders through the creation of co-creative eco-systems where different stakeholders can partecipate and define an action plan for better using the ERDF.

Resources needed

Set up phase, 6 man-year and 100k € year (for 2 years). To run, 2 man-year and 100k € (for year). These kind of projects are low cost because it is possible to reuse competences and technologies already made all around Europe. A critical resource needed is the political commitment.

Evidence of success is the biggest contributor (6k datasets) to the Italian OD catalogue; it involves the regional administration but also the most of the municipalities that publish OD automatically through their websites; more than 51 apps/services use our data (and these are just those which sent us a notification). Our catalog is tops the list for metadata quality in the European Data portal. Thanks to OSIRIS, more than 30 (big and small) local companies have been actively involved.

Difficulties encountered

The engagement of companies, their concrete demand, is critical to show the overall value in public sector open data. Otherwise, often, within "public offices" there is a change resistance and they can be worried by sharing information.

Potential for learning or transfer

a. Our experinces is so deeply rooted and modelled on the reality of a small territory that can be of inteterest for other similar regions on facing the big scenario of the European Union Open Data policies.
b. from the technological point of view, our catalogue is based on an open source platform, called CKAN, that can be easily used and customised for every different need, also ComunWeb platform is OS and modular
b. Lots of different good experiences all around the world that can be taken as models, and lots of public and private organizations (EDP, ISA2, OKFN, ODI…) give support, tutorials and advices. Our project is strongly alligned

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano, re-used our platform and some skills to start their own open data project. We've started our project re-using others Italians previous experiences.

The project is part of the joinup platform of the Isa2 Program that sponsored a first developmet of the new "Core public event vocabulary" in 2017.

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Main institution
Provincia autonoma di Trento
Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
March 2013
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