The Thematic Waste Recovery Workshops, bring together stakeholders related to an specific sector to explore innovative possibilities aimed to Waste recovery.
This activity is part of the Office for Innovation in Extremadura, and it is organised in the framework of "Knowledge Exchange Meetings".
This events are focussed on gathering different members of a value chain sector companies, researchers and technology suppliers, to analyse innovative possibilities in the use of waste.
These workshops are based on sectoral reports prepared specificly for the event by researchers from the University or Research centers where new alternatives for using by-products are identified. Main topics of the report are:
- Scientific-technological possibilities offered by specific sector by-products.
- Regulatory framework for the generation of new activities, the process and the product.
- Processes for obtaining new products.
The Thematic waste recovery workshops aim to present new opportunities related to the investment in R & D & I for the valorisation of by-products generated in an specific sector, as well as to discuss different alternatives related to possible business models identified, with the with the ultimate goal of obtaining higher value-added products for the industry, reducing management costs of these by-products and improving the competitiveness of the sector.
So far, different thematic workshops have been carried out, we can highligh the success for sectors such as water, meat or hazardous waste.
These workshops are organised once a year.

Resources needed

- Identification and gathering of sectoral stakeholders
- Preparation of the scientific report / input study about the possibilities of use specific by-products depending on the sector
- Preparation of the market analysis and business model for by-product

Evidence of success

The main evidence of the success is the satisfaction expressed by private companies participating in this kind of events, and on the other side the project ideas emerged from the lessons learnt by SMEs, sometimes even joint projects between researches and companies.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice can be easily transfer as no major

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Main institution
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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