UNIDO ITPO Italy and Future Food Institute organize the third edition of the International Awards for Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Agribusiness.
The competition aims to identify the most innovative and sustainable solutions that can bring social, environmental and economic benefits to the agricultural and agro-industry sectors in developing countries:

1) from production to processing and conservation of food;
2) from logistics to consumption;
3) responsible management of surpluses to the relationship between agriculture, energy use and the environment.

Participation in the competition is open to start-ups and companies, researchers and universities, research and technology transfer centers, associations and NGOs from around the world. Applications must be submitted by 31 March 2019 through a dedicated website.

Proposals will be judged by a jury made up of experts from the agricultural, business and institutional sectors.

Awards will be distributed in seven categories, including for women and young people under the age of 35, as well as for food-climate-biodiversity-related projects. A special award will be given to the project, which has the greatest potential impact on the future of agribusiness and developing countries. UNIDO ITPO Italy will offer a package of services to the winners to support the implementation of their innovations.

Resources needed

Unfortunately, no such information is available.

Evidence of success

There is huge interest from participants to join the contest and the awarded projects have made an impact on innovation in the agricultural sector.

Potential for learning or transfer

The contest can inspire similar initiatives or policies in the regions across Europe for supporting rural SMEs and innovative startups.
Main institution
UNIDO ITPO Italy; Future Food Institute
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
February 2017
End Date


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