Mecsek Greenway is a complex greenway programme providing value conservation,healthy lifestyle and sustainable use of natural,cultural and community assets.
The Mecsek Greenway is a cooperation of members, villages on the western and eastern flanks of the Mecsek hill, working out a new approach for a better local tourism, using the local values, products, services, programs, traditions and gastronomy to attract our visitors. Members are all dedicated to the development of our local communities and sustainable tourism, which supports the communities rather than make use of them. The greenway members are committed to the promotion of purely natural local products, and do not only sustainably pick and use the plants and mushrooms found in our surroundings, but also pass over the knowledge to the next generations. The area has a long-standing tradition of rural tourism, served by qualified service providers, eco-houses, restaurants, village ‘guest-tables’, and various theme routes, such as the Pécs-Mecsek Wine Route and the Honey Route. These providers have joined forces in different civil society organisations along a wonderful natural environment belonging to the Danube-Drava National Park. Locally grown products are used in the catering service (Mecsek Ökocsali) or on ‘wild plant dinner’ programs. These organic products can also be purchased on local markets. Visitors can find hiking paths marked with ‘Z’ (zöldút=greenway).

Resources needed

Mecsek Greenway was initiated up by volunteers and local entrepreneurs. After the Greenway was set up they established the Mecsek Greenway Association and started to apply for funds. They received a total of 130.000 EUR throughout the years.

Evidence of success

European Destinations of Excellence 2015: Tourism and local gastronomy

The participating members of Mecsek Greenway are confident that the revitalisation of local communities, the development of connections between villages, plus research and transfer of local values can serve as a basis for sustainable rural development and tourism.

Difficulties encountered

Immense amount of volunteer work was needed.

Potential for learning or transfer

Mecsek Greenway is a really good example on how to create a brand, how to renew a region preserving its values but adapting to existing demands. The process, its results and future ideas serve as a driver for other communities and stakeholders.

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Main institution
Mecsek Greenway Association
Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
September 2012
End Date


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