MyAgry is a digital platform through which users can create their own remote garden, follow the cultivation and then receive products obtained from the harvest.
The MyAgry web platform allows those who does not have a plot of land to “build” their own vegetable garden and bring genuine products to the table. Thanks to MyAgry users can rent portions of land, made available by farmers, in order to obtain from their cultivation different products that will be sent to the client both as processed products (wine, oil, jams, purée, flour) and as natural ones (fruit, vegetables, olives...). With MyAgry everyone can live the experience of becoming a farmer by creating their own online vegetable garden, following remotely the crop sowing and growth phase and obtaining products comfortably at home. Although the interface is internet, behind it there are real people expert in cultivation and so the guarantee of genuine food processed according to traditional methods. All this it is possible thanks to the collaboration with local farmers who are an active part of this project. How does MyAgry work? After accessing the dedicated web page, they can select the size of the land, choose what crops they want and, finally, how to receive products if processed or not processed. Once the garden has been set up, customers can view the final summary of costs. Once submitted the order, users can monitor daily the cultivation progress and, moreover, they will be also informed of the harvest date in case they want to take part in it.

Resources needed

Myagry is an innovative start-up launched by a local entrepreneur. The private initial investment for the development of the platform amounts to euro 30.000,00.

Evidence of success

Actually MyAgry collaborate with 10 local farmers and agricultural companies. About 1 hectare of local land is cultivated in order to satisfy MyAgry clients’ orders. Today MyAgry can rely on about 100 clients.

Difficulties encountered

Main challenges faced are: convince local farmers about the profitability and technical feasibility of the business idea; increase local farmer commitment; make clients confident about high quality of products; Create new business opportunity for a rural and internal area; relaunch local agriculture

Potential for learning or transfer

MyAgry presents an high potential of transferability and repeatability in other geographic area or contexts that address common challenges such as: foster resources and products of a rural economy with a purely agricultural vocation, even taking advantage from opportunities of digital innovation; enhance the development potential of a rural area; improve local agriculture competitiveness and guarantee everyone the opportunity to eat healthy products at zero km. In particular, this business idea has proven to be successful and similar initiatives have been replicated or are starting to be implemented in other areas.
Main institution
MyAgry Company
Molise, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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