The project strengthens the cross-border business co-operation, tourism development, joint product marketing, based on common treasure, Szatmár Plum.
The Szatmár-Satu Mare border region in Hungary and Romania has a joint history, tradition and culture.The project goal is the increase of the number of visitors; tourists coming from the two countries can jointly view the tourist spectacles of the border region, while visitors from third countries can visit the show-places of both sides.
The general objective of the project is strengthen the cooperation between the communities on the basis of the joint treasure, the plum of Szatmár, with special regard to the development of tourism.
Target groups: tourism, gastronomy professionals of the two counties, stakeholders of the area concerned by the project, stakeholders of companies engaged in tourism, stakeholders -in-charge of tourism of professional organisations and local governments.
Was established an interactive exhibition centre; Working out the cross-border plum route development conception; Purchase of tools; Communication activity.
Thematic Touristic Route was completed as part of a product development process, as a standalone product program, its concept and joint marketing activity were realized.The Szilva Út Egyesület as leading organization of events, conducts professional travel tours, organizing invitational tourism publications and presentation films as well as website of the project with the online tourist data bank of Szatmár-Szatmár Szilvaút, available in Romanian and Hungarian languages.

Resources needed

The project was financed through Hungary -Romania CBC Programme 2007-2013.
Total Project budget: 212 116,00 €
Total ERDF awarded: 172 757,00 €
Project partners:“ Szatmár-Beregi Szilva Út Egyesület" -Hungary ,Chamber of Commerce& Industry Satu Mare -Romania

Evidence of success

Was done The Plum Route (Szatmár Szilvaút), an independent tourism product.Partner service providers and stakeholders: Tarpa Natura Ltd, Hungarikum Manufaktura, Panyolai Szilvórium, Guesthouse and Lekvárium - Penyige.
The main activities and results were: "House of Szatmár Plum" in Hungary; "Szatmar Plum Showing Room" in Romania; Species collection with the provincial plum species, study tours.
Visitors per year:- 600 in "House of Szatmár Plum"
-increase at Oaş Land Museum from 4500 to 10000.

Potential for learning or transfer

Attractions of the route:
Brandy Distilleries, Plum Jam-Making Factories, Demonstration Houses Museums and national monuments, Bereg Museum , Tomcsányi Mansion.
Project preparation and activities have been built on joint development, implementation, staffing and financing.
New CB cooperation and sales opportunities have been open for local SMEs through the Plum Route and its facilities developed by the project.
The experience accumulated in the Szatmár-Satu Mare border region can be valuable for other regions, regarding not only the idea but also the way to implement it.

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Main institution
Szatmár-Beregi Pálinka Knight Order Association (Szatmár-Beregi Pálinka Lovagrend Egyesület,)
Észak-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
December 2009
End Date
July 2011


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