Network of six technicians working in the rural areas of Burgos offering in situ and face to face support to companies and entrepreneurs.
Problem and context: coordinated network of six technicians depending on the Provincial Government of Burgos offering in situ support/advice and financing to entrepreneurs and local companies established in the rural areas (together with the possibility to access to funds with good conditions) as a means to maintain population in the territory (generating wealth, new jobs and economic activity).
Solution: creation of a network which groups together 6 technicians working in the rural areas of Burgos (each one of them giving service to a different territorial area in the province). Contact face to face with the interested entrepreneurs/companies in its own municipality (no need to go to the capital city to receive support, advice or information).
Among their main actions, we can highlight the following ones:
• Advise entrepreneurs and companies.
• Giving information about subsidies and incentives.
• Promote the business culture.
• Promote innovation and economy based on local resources.
• Facilitate support in administrative issues.
• Encourage partnership and business collaboration.
• Collaborate with the rest of economic and social stakeholders.
In addition, they offer financing for entrepreneurs or improvement of companies established in the rural areas. Funds are available as loans (SODEBUR’s own budget) for new investments and expansion or modernization of productive capacity (companies already operating).

Resources needed

Network of six technicians 100% funded by local public funds coming from the Provincial Government of Burgos.
They are placed in offices in the main municipalities of every area (mainly Local Action Groups or Town Hall building).

Evidence of success

Data Network TGEEs Burgos Rural (from 2015)
• Advice to more than 2,000 entrepreneurs.
• Creation of more than 500 associated jobs.
• Start-up of more than 300 companies.
• More than 10.000.000 € investment.
Data Loans for companies and entrepreneurs (from 2012)
• 112 loans requested - 64 loans granted
• 94 new jobs and 81 consolidated jobs
• 1.097.548,8 € financing provided
• 3.652.564,4 € total investment in financed projects
• Survival rate financed businesses: 98.30

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties: communication of offered services among potential beneficiaries (during the first months of establishment).
Lessons learned: tool very well appreciated for its users, giving service to people living in rural areas with very good results to create and maintain economic activity.

Potential for learning or transfer

Tool considered as good practice because its success in two years being implemented together with the good results obtained.
1. Tool for not only maintain economic activity but also create new jobs. Fight against rural depopulation.
2. In situ advice/support to entrepreneurs and companies.
3. Mix of advice and access to funds.
Technicians placed in the rural areas are the visible face of the administration which means more proximity to citizens.

Main institution
Society Development Province of Burgos - SODEBUR
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
July 2015
End Date
February 2019


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