The reference node regarding green and circular economy in Catalonia
The Observatory provides knowledge and information concerning green and circular economy, with the goal to become a hub that gathers all the circular inititiatives in Catalonia, either public or private, aiming at promoting the exchange of experiences; raises awareness (gathering resources from different public administrations, publicising all CE activities being organised in Catalonia); facilitates a) capacity-building with regards real circular economy opportunities (organising training courses and workshops) b) the dissemination of circular economy at territorial level promoting the engagement of local authorities and business organisations; and evaluates progress towards the circular model (calculating indicators).
Circular initiatives in the observatory are classified according to 8 typologies: ecodesign, increased life span of products, recycling, industrial simbiosis, sustainable consumption, sustainable shopping, ecoinnovation and "others". A search tool is available.
The observatory is open to all stakeholders regarding circular economy in Catalonia and it has 29 partner organisations so far, including business organisations, cluster organisations, trade unions, professional associations, local authorities, etc.
Its governance model is structured into: a Steering Commitee, an Advisory Board and a Technical Secretariat.

Resources needed

Staff costs:
Development of the observatory: 2 policy officers full-time + 1 officer part-time during 6 months.
Maintenance and updating: 1 policy officer (content) part-time + 1 officer (web development) part-time.

Evidence of success

29 partner organisations,
56 circular initiatives introduced,
85 events disseminated,
50 published news,
6.161 web visits,
more than 130 awareness raising resources

Potential for learning or transfer

High transfer potential.
Being a web platform, it can be adapted to other regional contexts.
Its funcions and governance structure can be replicated.
A key success factor is the involvement of stakeholders.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2018
End Date


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