The regional chain of confidence responds to a lack of organization of the renovation sector and the need to reinforce the offer of energy efficient renovation.
The regional chain of confidence responds to a lack of organization of the renovation sector and the need to reinforce the offer of energy efficient renovation. This action was born of the regional dynamics initiated with the eco-energy checks.
The Region brings together and animates the three clusters of skills - technical, financial, audit and consultancy - linked on a shared digital platform, within the framework of the Sustainable Building Plan with ADEME and DREAL.
The contractor applying for the "BBC Rénovator" label – where BBC stands for Low Consumption Building - must fulfill the specifications: meet the requirements of the low consumption level for renovation, pass a hearing before a committee of experts, engage upstream on site interventions during his meeting with the client and during the construction phase - the “BBC renovator” must make a first meeting of site with the approved auditor of the Region, coordinate the work of the different trades and all the work, accompany And inform the individual in case of unforeseen circumstances.
The main beneficiaries are the companies and owners of houses to be renovated, the main stakeholders are the Region, national partners (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations ..), professional building and training organizations, building professionals concerned, banks , Manufacturers and suppliers of materials advisors, auditors and individuals

Resources needed

Annual financial resources:
• € 5 million for works;
• 1M € for operation (700k € for consultants, 100k € for the digital tool, 100k € for communication, 100k € for support for professionals).
Annual human resources:
• 2.5 FTE internally to the Region.

Evidence of success

Between 01/07/14 and 30/06/16 196 eco-energy cheques level 1were edited, 143 level 2 and 129 level 3; 580 audits occurred in the context of “audit and scenario”. 600 renovation cases were to be built between April 2016 and the end of 2017, as well as 8000 by 2020, including 30% BBC.
The BPCE, ELENA program, PACA region, the State, ADEME, several banks have sought to obtain information on the device so as to understand it well, and possibly transfer it.

Difficulties encountered

Co-ordination between the three clusters is essential to facilitate the process: it is a question of creating a common culture of the system in order to advance together in confidence and in a structured way.
The BBC renovation involves people with intermediate incomes.

Potential for learning or transfer

Success factors identified are:
• The structuration of a strategy around existing networks: following the first deployment of the energy check between 2008 and 2010, the Region established agreements with companies and advisory bodies, which facilitates exchanges and feedbacks.
• Facilitation of the act of renovation for the individual: it is based on a chain of trust for its approach. He is sensitized and advised independently (advice), accompanied during the realization (renovator), he obtains guarantees of energy performance (audit) that reassure the banks and the financiers (finances).
• The unique platform with these entry gates allows the user to naturally take over the service: its path follows the one that would have led to its renovation without using public funds.

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Main institution
Région Normandie
Basse-Normandie, France
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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