‘ReComp’ ('FelVállal' in Hungarian) is a project implemented under the call EDIOP-5.3.1-14 to propagate flexible/family-friendly labour forms in Hungary.
The ‘ReComp’ project was implemented by the consortium of IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry and two professional partners (Kontakt Foundation and MAPI). The project provided auditing services for Hungarian SMEs using a standardized auditing methodology applied by all 11 consortia that also implemented their projects within the frameworks of the EDIOP-5.3.1-14 program (Component A). The auditing services focused on the employment forms, techniques, human resource management processes and the management culture of the SMEs which applied for the service and signed the cooperation agreement with the consortium. Moreover, as each auditing consortium had the chance to use additional auditing tools during the implementation of Component A, IFKA used a so-called ‘economic module’, which audited the market and industry situation, the business model and the implementation of the business strategy of each SME participating in the program. As an output of the audit services the participating organizations received the Audit Report and an overall Organizational Development Plan prepared by the consortium, which made recommendations on the development of the organization itself and its employment techniques and processes.
The SMEs participating in the project could apply for 100% non-refundable financial support (max. 45 000 EUR) for the implementation of the Organizational Development Plan within the frameworks of the EDIOP-5.3.2-16 (Comp. B).

Resources needed

The total budget of the project was 349 906 029 HUF (1 134 401 EUR) 100% financed by the EU and the Hungarian State from ESF and ERDF resources.
34 professionals participated in the implementation of the project (IFKA - 10; Kontakt Foundation - 9; MAPI - 15)

Evidence of success

The ‘ReComp’ project measured its impact through the following indicators:
-Number of audited organizations: 104
-Number of employees affected by audit services: 2 979
-Number of Organizational Development Plans: 104
-Number of applications submitted by audited SMEs to the EDIOP-5.3.2-16 call: 74

Potential for learning or transfer

The ‘ReComp’ project has made considerable progress in Hungary in terms of identifying the employment challenges of Hungarian SMEs and developing auditing tools for analysing the market and industry situation, the business models and the implementation of the business strategies of Hungarian SMEs.
These outcomes had been adapted during the planning process of the 'MarketMate' project plan pre-evaluation and development system dedicated to evaluate the viability of the business plans of social enterprises applying for non-refundable resources within the frameworks of the EDIOP-5.1.3-16 and EDIOP-5.1.7-17 calls.
Although ‘ReComp’ project was not especially focused on social enterprises, there were several potential SEs among the beneficiaries (non-profit Ltd.’s) which later successfully applied for the above calls.
Based on these experiences we believe that smart organizational and employment restructuring can be a solution not just for SMEs, but social enterprises as well.

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Main institution
Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
August 2015
End Date
June 2017


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