The Council achieved to make the first legislation for the bicycle, Law 19(Ι)/2018, which was published on the 31st of October of 2018.
Nicosia Municipality is an activate participant in the Council for promoting bicycle use (government organization). The Council is formed by representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Ministry of Education and Culture, Office of the Environment Commissioner, Department Public Work, Cyprus Police, Nicosia Municipality, Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Cyprus Cycling Federation, Town Planning and Housing Department and all the Universities of Cyprus. The Council achieved to make the first legislation for the bicycle, Law 19(Ι)/2018, which was published on the 31st of October of 2018. The legislation provides rules for the bicycle use and cycle lane. Some of the most important rules for the safety of the cyclists are that they must use the left side of the roads, they cannot use the bicycle in the highway and the bicycles should have a light.
The Council had promoted massively the use of bicycles by using different actions. It was advertised it in the television and radio channels, it organized several events for the cyclists and it used informative material. Furthermore a photographic competition was organized.
Municipality of Nicosia, Police and the Council for promoting bicycle use organized an event for the European Mobility Week. During the event, the children had the opportunity to join the educational traffic park and to play in the kid’s corner. A cycling tour was offered for both children and adults.

Resources needed

The Council was funded with € 80.000 by OPAP for the advertising campaign that was made due to the new legislation. Additionally, the promotional campaign of bicycle use was funded with € 25.000 by Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works.

Evidence of success

The most important success of the Council was the creation of the legislation for the bicycles. Currently, 898 people like the page on FB and the number of shared post has been increased. Due to the Council’s significant actions, a strategic plan for cycling will be developed for the first time.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice can be adopted by other cities. The specific Council is important as the majority of the participants represent different public sectors. Thus, the Council has the ability to transfer its decisions and concerns to the Parliament. Moreover, the council has to be informed for every project which are related with the bicycle (e.g. the design of new cycling routes) and participate to the final decision making process in order to express its opinion and suggestions.

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Main institution
Nicosia Municipality
Κύπρος, Cyprus (Κυπρος)
Start Date
October 2018
End Date


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