Made of Lisboa is a brand and a digital platform, created by Lisbon’s City Council, representing and connecting the community of Lisbon-based innovators.
Made of Lisboa was created because of a "good problem": the incredible growth and development of Lisbon's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the last 7-8 years. As a community grows in number and quality of its members so does the information, relationships and events they generate. As a result of that development, Lisbon’s City Council created a brand and a digital platform that could officially represent ALL of the actors (entrepreneurs, incubators, coworks, accelerator programs, Fab Labs, etc.), unite them and properly represent the ecosystem's full potential.
The innovative character of Made of Lis boa resides in its collaborative and crowd sourced experience as a free and open platform where anyone can express themselves and cooperate in its construction.
We support our community by:
• providing it the most up to date and official information #Inform
• Providing a one-stop-shop with resources and who-is-who, what is happening and who-does-what #organize
• Contacting members of the community in the same platform where they can also find which events are happening for easier network #connect
• Working as calling card for our members to showcase them as a digital first point of contact for national and international stakeholders #attract

Resources needed

70K including a design thinking creation process, programming, web design maintenance.
Human Resources skilled in: digital communications, content creation, website management and social media management.

Evidence of success

Since it’s creation we reached over +1000 users: around 700 companies, 300 people and 70 spots [incubators, coworks, accelerator programs, Fab Labs]. Although the mapping out process in a permanent one, 70 spots listed is almost a 100% coverage on that vertical. We also had more than 550 events being uploaded on the platform.

Potential for learning or transfer

Assess if your local ecosystem has reached a growth point where such a platform will bring value to the community. A good indicator to take into consideration is the influx of newcomers (qualified talent, entrepreneurs and digital nomads to name some profiles) to the city.
A digital project such as this one has a high level of technological sophistication and works has only a starting not arrival point. That means that after you start it, one must ensure it has the proper resources its demands to engage with it’s audience through digital communications and allow for the website evolutions and back-office support.
Consider the possibility of having a spin-off existence that grants the project the autonomy it needs still being fully owned by the municipality.

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Main institution
Municipality of Lisbon
Lisboa, Portugal
Start Date
May 2017
End Date


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