Identifying points of interest. Each point of interest has descriptive information, geo-referencing, images, videos, contacts.
The project was born Tryte de Nordestin Corane - Association for the Development of the Northeast Counties of Raia, under a program of international cooperation TimePyme. It is an augmented reality project.
Initially, the content is organized for four municipalities (Bragança, Miranda do Douro, Vimioso and Vinhais), but is prepared to integrate other municipalities, other regions, located in the physical space in northeastern Portugal. The four municipalities, in the past, carried out heritage surveys and public spaces of interest, and were included as tour guides. This information has now been used to create this platform. All the points of private interest (housing, crafts, restoration, point of sale of typical products, etc.).
The menu website ( presents information on each of the municipalities, events and all offer tour organized by themes: Food, Adventure, accommodation, crafts, commercials, circuits, Culture, Sports, equipment and services, Health, Trade and Industry, Nature, Heritage and places. It was made a list of all the Pints of interest (POI), identifying churches, castles, briges with historical and patrimonial value, shrines, places with archaeological value, sightseein´, diving sourcesm, sports equipment, cultural facilities (museums and others), hotels, restaurants, points of saleof local products, craftsmen, tourist entertaiment companies and much more.
Each point of interest has descriptive information, geo-referencing, images.

Resources needed

Funding sources were a project from Interreg (around 30 000 €) and Partner company developing half of the project on a investment basis (around 30 000 €) with IT infrastructure, maintenance and permanent communication. Totally, 6 human resources were working on the project (two of them on a permanen

Evidence of success

- The number of tourist in the North of Portugal has increased, as it could be seen in Statistics Portugal Report (INE Portugal): 2014: 3,392.000; 2015: 3,882.000; 2016: 4,358.000; 2017: 4,892.000; 2018: 5,285.000.
- Thousands of visitors have already used the website in the last years, which means millions of visual impacts (
-The Facebook FanPage is the most popular in the region. 7,257 people are following it and being linked.

Difficulties encountered

- All entities involved must be coordinated, which is a difficult task.
- It is difficult to disseminate the actions to be carried out.
- Prepare an implementation strategy.
- It is necessary to have sufficient budget for its elaboration.

Potential for learning or transfer

Heritage, Culture, Gastronomy, Landscape, Nature, Tradition are the essential ingredients to ensure the affirmation of a tourist destination. The Northeast of Portugal has all of this and have much more. It has people with a huge hospitable capacity, who wants and likes to receive who visit the region. It has hotel capacity already installed, Rural Tourism and Active Tourism, restaurants of high quality and support services. The idea was based on the creation of Management System of Tourist Destination and External Promotion, which has resulted in an action plan perfectly defined.
It was open a "contest" for administrators of social networks for the entire territory, and quickly and gracefully, the project incorporated dozens of collaborators, which daily feed the pages on social networks with the diffusion of images and a wide range of content of each one of the councils of the Northeast of Portugal.

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Main institution
Association of Municipalities of Ribera Alta
Norte, Portugal
Start Date
June 2012
End Date


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