"Copper. A history of the extraordinary metal" - an exhibition presenting the use of copper over history and the modern education program related to mining
The exhibition created as part of the "VirtualMine” project was opened at the Copper Museum in Legnica as a modeling tool for Wider Society Learning.
It aims at creating a modern educational program for children and youth to increase knowledge about raw materials and their role in the modern world and raise awareness of the significance of raw materials and the possibilities of their use for better development of European regions.
The objective is to popularize mining among the general public, esp. young generation, and to show the role of raw materials in the modern world as the key element of the development of knowledge-based circular economy. Other objectives include: using innovative teaching methods for presenting attractiveness and diversity of mining, strengthening the key competencies of children and students: creativity and entrepreneurship as the necessary skills in their further professional life and overcoming mining stereotypes.
The exhibition is based on the museum's extensive collections and exhibits focused on the presentation of copper and its use over history. The traditional museum exhibition is accompanied by multimedia presenting knowledge in modern ways: the multimedia "World without resources" game, 3D HTC goggles showing a virtual mine and holograms presenting contemporary miners and their equipment. Additionally, several innovative scenarios of educational activities regarding mining and the series of pilot workshops are carried out in the museum.

Resources needed

Funds - 315 025 EURO.
A 22-person team of specialists within a consortium of 8 Partners from 6 countries realizing VirtualMine project within EIT Row Materials.
The development and launch of the educational program and exhibition: 8 people, additional subcontractors participating.

Evidence of success

The opening of the exhibition was a success as well as pilot series of workshops which contributed to raising the level of creativity and the practical mining knowledge. The VirtualMine educational program develops methods of encouraging young people to choose career paths in mining departments. The implementation of the project will enable the creation of informal educational networks on raw materials, its further active development and influencing social attitudes towards the mining industry.

Difficulties encountered

It was a challenge to develop educational materials adapted to the perception of children at a specific education level and thereby complementing the different core curriculum in Europe. The development of educational programs will be a key factor for long-term impact after the end of the project.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project assumes wide access to the exhibition and online educational materials. They can be used to teach lessons, workshops, etc. about the origin, extraction and use of mineral resources for children, youth and students. Educational programs are varied in terms of content, as well as the perception and interest of the recipient. Such institutions as primary, secondary and higher schools, community and culture centers and other institutions related to the education of children and youth, as well as teachers, parents and students themselves can download games, scenarios, multimedia and applications for using them anytime and anywhere. The scope of the project is very wide thanks to the translation of the materials into many languages. Mining regions authorities can follow the good practice in order to improve the mining image among society and to stimulate young people to enter into mining professions.
Main institution
Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
April 2017
End Date


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