The Lisbon Entrepreneurship is a responsible and inclusive program, developed by the Municipality to help entrepreneurs to start small business in Lisbon.
It was created in 2013, as an important part of global strategy of supporting local authority entrepreneurship as a dynamic engine of city´s economy. The Municipality identified the opportunity to create a program that fosters a more favourable business environment especially to those who are in fragile situation, either because they are unemployed or because they are in risk of social exclusion. The idea is to enable people to put these professional experience and added value to a service, providing free support to the business project and also making them more aware of the existing incentives and funding facilities. It provides support from the earliest stage of the project till the first years of implementation of the business. Lisbon Entrepreneurship model is comprehensive and allows any entrepreneurs to get consulting support and/or funding. The Lisbon Entrepreneurship support to specific target groups also, such as young people, migrants, female entrepreneurs.

Resources needed

Lisbon Municipal Council has developed a partnership with privates entities which manages the financial instrument and also with banks.

Evidence of success

Since 2013, when this programme was created, the Lisbon Entrepreneurship: - has received over 2000 enrolments; - more than 1200 entrepreneurs with potential business; - 122 establish business in commercial and services areas; - more than 300 new jobs; - €1,5M in bank financing to small business using microcredit; - 80% are unemployed; - 55% are women; - 75% with ages between 30 and 50 years old (that have difficulties in getting back to work).

Potential for learning or transfer

It is in the context of this support strategy and fostering entrepreneurship that Lisbon Entrepreneurship has been on a great response, with an increase of results in the order of 90%, much due to the dedication of the Lisbon Entrepreneurship local government team, the entire partner work and the goodwill of the ecosystem´s stakeholders. Projects supported under the program were helped in three different levels: 1. Trained personnel during the process of creating the business - consulting and coaching the process; 2. Benefit from the Municipality partner´s network that facilitates and streamlines the process; 3. Benefit from very favourable financing rates (microcredit) and special conditions on funding.
Main institution
Lisboa, Portugal
Start Date
March 2019
End Date


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