Incorporation of environmental criteria in the framework agreement to standardise the supply of vehicles with low environmental impact
The Administration of the Regional Government of Andalusia and its instrumental entities are Incorporating environmental award criteria in the contracting of vehicles and vans. In that way this practise contributes to reduce the pollution of the GHG emitted.

The objective of this practice is to standardise types of vehicles that comply certain environmentally friendly criteria to be acquired by those Administrations of the Regional Government of Andalusia that needs them.

The vehicles included in this Framework Agreement—the estimated value of which is €17,711,880—are categorised as follows:
- Pick-up trucks
- Vehicles with four-wheel-drive (4x4)
- Motor vehicles used for transporting goods
- Motor vehicles used for transporting less than 10 people
- Passenger cars
- All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

The main beneficiaries of the practice are the Administration of the Regional Government of Andalusia and its instrumental entities. Nonetheless, all the municipalities (more than 700), Public Universities (12), Ministries (12) and the Public Companies and Entities (more than 300) can also acquire standardised vehicles and vans as long as they have signed the corresponding adhesion agreement.

Resources needed

No financial resources required since there is no spending commitment to determine them.

Regarding human resources, two people are being needed to implement the practice

Evidence of success

So far, supply of a total of 5 hybrid vehicles, 3 electric vehicles and vans, 44 diesel and gasoline vehicles and vans that fulfill all of them with the lowest levels of CO2 emissions, with energetic classification A, B
or C of the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE).

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice can be an example for other regions interested in incorporating environmental criteria in the public procurement of vehicles or vans by contracting authorities, since this contracting system incorporates an important number of measures of respect for the Environment that will affect the vehicle fleet of the Administration of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

The award criteria include various environmental standards related to the low environmental impact of the vehicles being supplied:
- Level of CO2emissions
- Exhaust emission standards, total mass of hydrocarbons, mass of non-methane hydrocarbons, mass of nitrogen oxides, total combined mass of hydrocarbons and total nitrogen oxides and mass of particulate matter
- Mixed consumption (in L/100 km)
- Urban consumption (in L/100 km)
- Energy efficiency (according to classifications of IDAE)
- Tyre pressure monitoring system
- Fuel consumption display
- Start-stop system

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Main institution
Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, Regional Government of Andalusia
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2018
End Date


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Monika Zielińska

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