Life M3P defines a model for Industrial Symbiosis, on-line platform based, to realize matches between companies offering waste stream and requesting materials
The Life M3P platform is based on the strong characterization of materials (used and waste) and the technologies and processes necessary for their treatment, using intelligent analysis techniques. The information, collected and appropriately catalogued in a dedicated database, will allow users to perform a match-making between request and offer of materials, thus providing a powerful promotional tool for industrial symbiosis.
The M3P Platform can be used (free access) by any company interested in supplying waste and by-products or looking for second raw materials.

Resources needed

Life M3P Platform has been developed thanks to Life 2015 Programme: project ID LIFE15-ENV_IT_000697 Material Match Making Platform for promoting the use of industrial waste in local networks, amount 1,5 mln €, 60% co-funded by EU.

Evidence of success

The M3P Platform is used:
- in 8 EU states/regions: Italy-Lombardy, Belgium-Flanders, Spain-Asturias, Greece-Western Macedonia, Germany-Saxony, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland,
- by more than 30 company, accounting for about 1000 waste.
Till now:
- more than 20 matches have been envisaged,
- 16 pilote cases are running,
- more than 150 new product concepts have been studied.
- expected reduction: 7700 tons of waste, 12700 m3 of water consumption, 7000 tons of emissions of CO2.

Difficulties encountered

To extend deploy of platform to SMEs.
To develop new searching features (e.g. artificial intelligence routines applied on technologies).

Potential for learning or transfer

The Life M3P Platform is already applied in several EU countries/regions.
It provides a powerful tool for industrial symbiosis and circular economy.
Main institution
Centrocot Spa
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
October 2016
End Date
September 2019


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