The ecological campaign of the Małopolska region promoting the sense of the waste management hierarchy and ecological behavior among the citizens.
The aim of the campaign run by the Małopolska region was to promote the principles of waste management among the citizens of the region through upcycling and by encouraging the reduction of waste generation, through among others by conscious shopping, use of repair points and all kinds of exchange campaigns. The campaign consisted of an upcycling - processing of outdated banners and making ecological reusable bags out of them and conducting an information campaign on radio devoted to waste prevention in your area.

Resources needed

There was about 800 m2 of used advertising banners of Małopolska region utilised in this campaign.

Evidence of success

As the result of this campaign run by the Małopolska region 1400 eco-friendly reusable bags were sewn and distributed among the citizens of Małopolska region. This action also contributed to raising environmental awareness of the region's inhabitants in the field of waste management with an emphasis on minimizing their production and re-use.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice has the potential to transfer to other regions due to the presence of similar resources (for example updated promotional, advertised materials) and existing the problems of waste management system. These kind of activities could be a good practise for regional public authorities which possess outdated promotional materials and could create ecological behaviour towards excessive waste generation.

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Main institution
Marshal Office of the Malopolska region
Małopolskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date
December 2016


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Berthold Schleich

Office of the Regional Government of Styria