COREL: A method for governments and financiers to take responsibility for the multifunctional regeneration of former landfills.
COREL is in its first stage of implementation. Developing clean energy, a park, agriculture, housing, industry and more functions is a way to regenerate a former landfill with a sound business case. This business case increases when these various functions share costs, and enhance one another, for instance when agriculture takes place under solar panels, and these panels deliver directly to the housing, making energy cheaper. Yields from this business case enable to manage the landfill. Both government and financiers have difficulties to take responsibility for these kind of multifunctional business cases. A way to overcome these difficulties is to create larger portfolios of landfills, collectives. For instance for a portfolio of 20 landfills financiers will finance as a whole the clean energy projects, as a whole the housing projects, as a whole the agriculture projects.
Governments can’t take responsibility for the whole portfolio. A portfolio manager who will make a comprehensive plan for each individual landfill, wherein for instance energy, housing and park share costs, and enhance one another. Next he will create packages of energy projects, housing projects and will present those to governments and investors. Once in the stage of development this portfolio manager will guard that on each landfill the projects will be realized in a comprehensive way. Stakeholders: Ministry, province Gelderland, municipalities, Afvalzorg a public investor.

Resources needed

To start up portfoliomanagement in a way that it can recoup itself within three years we will need approx. 2 million euros, cooperation of owners of 20 landfills, and cooperation of governments and financiers.

Evidence of success

The Cleantech region (province, municipalities, companies and financial institutions) will participate official as a collective in COREL and the board of this cooperative has signed the contracts for COREL already. COREL has now officially started. The next step is to include the landfills in the portfolio, inventorying and working out a business case with revolving fund for all the landfills in the portfolio is the next step.

Difficulties encountered

Governments and financiers hesitate to go along with multifunctional projects, although they subscribe to their importance. Our thesis is that it will work to unbundle multifunctional projects. Than governments and financiers will take responsibility, and next put the projects together again.

Potential for learning or transfer

With 4000 landfills, former and in use, the Netherlands will have problems comparable to many other countries and their landfills. Examples of multifunctional development of landfills in other countries give prove of the fact that further steps in this direction in the Netherlands will be welcomed in these and other countries. Also a more comprehensive way of spatial development is in order all over the board. Experimenting with that around landfills can provide lessons that can be useful in many countries. Finally regeneration is not only something to consider in regard with landfill, but also climate change for example, or agriculture and it’s use of the soil, and urban neighbourhoods. Regeneration as such will be an important item in the years to come, and landfills present excellent cases to learn about that.

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Main institution
Province of Gelderland
Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
February 2019
End Date


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