“Innovation Breakfast” is a three stage networking proceeding, a concept of a better managed science and business networking event in ICT sector.
The format of the event is based on a good practice of Finland Prizztech Ltd. which has been adopted and improved by Kaunas STP in a frame of Interreg BSR project EmpInno. This kind of event aims at connecting large corporates with start-ups and researchers where corporates open up their processes to solve problems, develop processes as well as utilize new technologies & applications. Innovative SMEs, start-ups and researchers present their ideas and solutions to meet the challenges. To tackle the identified challenges in the ICT sector, Kaunas STP presented a concept of a better managed science and business networking event, a networking proceeding called “Innovation Breakfast”.
Rather than a standalone event, Kaunas STP offers the concept of an event which should be managed in all stages and should have a continuum as part of the overall event. Each of the stages of an event needs to be carefully and strategically thought of. The stages should include the:
-Preparatory stage for the event (key points: participants’ readiness to network, selection of participants, well-structured presentations);
-A well-managed event (key pints: uniqueness of each event, variety of activities, cosy environment, post-event meeting options);
-Post-event mentoring meet-up(s) (key point: involvement event participants into the mentored post-event contact development activities).
On a base of its practice, Kaunas STP has issued a document with core recommendations.

Resources needed

Financial resources:
Room/multimedia rental, catering: 200,00 Eur approximately.
Additional expenses: staff costs and other administration costs.
Human resources:
A team of 3 members: networking consultant/moderator, communication expert, event assistant.

Evidence of success

There were 6 events organised so far which were attended by 113 people
Companies are organising follow-up meetings in order to establish purposeful partnerships, discuss investment opportunities. Kaunas STP has already received several requests from other companies to organise event in a particular sector.
“Innovation Breakfast” has already become a regular event and will be organized even after the end of the project EmpInno. Kaunas STP succeeded in establishing a trend and identity.

Difficulties encountered

Kaunas STP team learned that it is very important to keep participants engaged into the follow-up activities (the last stage of the event), because during stage brings tangible most of the tangible results can be achieved.

Potential for learning or transfer

The framework of “Innovation Breakfast” can be easily transferred to any other region. Each business intermediary organisation depending of its profile, mission and pool of clients can apply it. By organising “Innovation Breakfast” Kaunas STP tackles challenges in the ICT sector, nevertheless, this format can be adopted to the needs of other economic sectors and connect all relevant stakeholders.
“Innovation Breakfast” was built on the good practice of dominant business networking events. The strong point of this framework is the that the event is managed in all its stages with the aim that participants would leave with tangible results. Additionally, this good practice seeks to strengthen the approach that networking is not just a socialisation, networking attitude should be based on accurate planning, purposeful solutions and continuity.
Main institution
Kaunas Science and Technology Park
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
March 2018
End Date


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