The management of paper and paperboard waste in a neighborhood in which coexist residents, commercial and restoration sector.
In the neighbourhood of La Marina co-exist different waste producers: residents, commercial and restoration sector. Each of them has different working hours and specific requirements to deposit their waste but commercial and restoration have in common that their premises are very small and they generate large quantities of paperboard that they are unable to stock.

In this neighbourhood, the waste containers are buried and it is difficult for the business sector to deposit the paperboard in the containers. As a result, the waste collection company found paperboard in all the containers not only in the paperboard container and there was paperboard all over the streets and sidewalks. If the paperboard is mixed with organic waste it cannot be recycled.

To try and solve this situation, in 2012 the town hall of Ibiza installed 3 specific containers for commercial paperboard in certain areas and increased the frequencies of collection.
This measure were well received by the business sector and in 2013 3 more containers were installed. The containers were installed in places and sidewalks respecting the accessibility regulations.

In June 2016 the municipality of Ibiza renewed its waste collection service and the frequencies of the paperboard collection were increased from twice daily to three times a day (14.00h, 18.00h and 02.00h)

Resources needed

The Town Hall of Ibiza supports the cost of the containers and the cost of the paperboard collection frequency.

The total cost of the six containers installed in La Marina amount to 9.000 €.

Evidence of success

The specific containers for depositing paperboard are comfortable, so they are more used by the businesses.

Due to the selective collection rate being calculated for the entire municipality, it is not possible to measure the increase of paperboard collection since the specific containers were installed.

Difficulties encountered

Two types of paperboard collection coexisted in La Marina: buried containers for neighbours and specific containers for commercial and restoration sector. Challenges:

-The correct use of containers for each waste producers
-The information of paperboard colletion system to the seasonal employees

Potential for learning or transfer

The waste collection systems and frequencies have to be adapted to the requirements of the stakeholders.

Awareness campaigns are necessary every year to promote selective collection and good practices in waste collection.

Police control is necessary to guarantee a correct management of waste.

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Main institution
Ibiza Municipality
Illes Balears, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2016
End Date


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